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I installed AoE3 on the N96 last night and played around with the trial version. I had kinda low expectation of it since I played the Nintendo DS version and got disappointed as it did not resemble most of the gameplays as the PC version.

Glu has done a great job with this one as it has everything we used to play on the PC; campaigns, skirmish and even multiplayer mode.

WE can play the game in landscape mode but more functionality of the game can be accessed using the numpad. I started the game playing the first campaign which the objectives were to collect 200 wood, build a barrack and train 5 Pikemen. As far as I know, we cant really select the number of settlers or the armies as we wish. There are only 2 options; select one or double click to select all of the same type. Guess we need the mouse in order to be able to select, say… only 3 or 4 citizens… but that’s still fine knowing the restrains of the phone keypads.

Gathering resources works the same as on PC. Plucking fruits for food, cutting trees for wood and mining for gold. Only if we have enough of these resources that we can construct new buildings.

Fight scenes are a little too simple as we cannot really see the actions clearly due to the tiny screen, and there is no fighting sound effects during these actions. The experience would be richer if we can have sound effects for every actions in the game like mining, chopping trees and sword fighting.

Watch the video I recorded below.

Overall I think Age of Empires 3 on the N-Gage platform it not too bad and is worth buying. I will buy it because I used to be a big fan ot RTS games like AoE and CnC.

Checkout Age of Empires 3 now on the N-Gage showroom.

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