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I’ve been using this theme for a while now and I’m still lovin it. I like bright themes, clean background. I like it more when it has Fring elements in it.

If you like Fring and if you are using Nokia 5800, you should be using Fring theme too. lol

New to Symbian and not familiar on how to install themes on your phone? Follow these steps:

- Download the sis file to your PC.
- Transfer the file to your phone via bluetooth or PC Suite.
- If you used bluetooth, the file should land in your SMS inbox. Open the file and it will install automatically.
- Once installed, you can locate the theme by going to > Settings > Personal > Themes > General.

Download Fring Theme here.

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April 21st, 2009

[...] It’s my current theme now (although my favourite is still the Fring theme) [...]

May 13th, 2009

Hi Smahshpop! How r u? It’s been a while since the last time I wrote on your blog, but I always check it out to get some news on Symbian world.
Are you having great time in Monaco? You’re in Europe, so… why don’t you come and visit Italy?
About themes… i tried fring theme on my N85 and… well, it’s ok, but partially well done because it suffers from quite a few bugs unfortunately… :-(
And… about this topic… I would be really very, very glad if you’d visit my blog or in order to try at least one of my S60 themes! It’d be really great for me, even such an honour. If you do this, I’ll ask you to send me some screenshots from your XP5800 too.
Will you do this for me? That’d be really flattering for me.
Please, let me know and mail me.
Thanks, many thanks from now.

deepNo Gravatar

November 17th, 2011

please send me fring theme sis ?,,,,,,,,,thank u

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