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Been asking a few of my friends and most of them:
- doesn’t know that the phone firmware is upgradable
- doesn’t know how to upgrade the firmware

So here’s a step by step guide to do it.

1. Download the latest version of Nokia PC Suite and then the Nokia Software Updater. In the websites, select your phone model and click on “Download”. Then install both softwares.

2. Plug in your phone and select “PC Suite Connection” on the phone when prompted.

3. Open the Nokia PC Suite. By right, it should be able to detect that phone that you have just plugged in. Click on “Backup”(the top left icon) to backup all your phone data and settings first.

4. This is the backup screen.

5. Once done, open Nokia Software Updater via the PC Suite or from your PC’s Start menu.

6. You will see a welcome message and a reminder saying something like “make sure you update your phone data and content!” or something like that.

7. Click thru a few Next and OK buttons and you will see this screen. At the bottom left you will see your current phone firmware version and the availability of a new one. Click “Install” and wait for the whole process to complete. Then you’re done.

It’s a very easy step by step process that I would recommend everyone to do. Check on the NSU frequently to see if there are any new updates. :D

Good luck!


there’s an RSS feed for checking updates

Thanks DavidLian for the info.

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December 25th, 2011

hy there i have some problem whith my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic i accidetally delete the player so now i cant listen to muzic what to do? sory for the bad english

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