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I have never thought of writing a post like this until 2 days ago when the N97 ruined one of the most memorable photo of my life.

Since I am writing about it, I might as well include a few other things on the N97 that are quite disturbing.

1. 2 of my photos were ruined by a mysterious grey bar. Check this photo below.

I was running at the Marathon event and I thought of relying on the N97 to take photos of me and my friends there. When I got home I realised 2 of the photos could not be viewed. After transferring to the PC, I notice 2 of the photos did not process correctly, resulting in a grey bar appearing across the photos.

2. The keylock is weird.

To lock the screen, I slide the keylock once. That’s fine…. but to unlock the screen, I have to slide 3 times. First time: does not do anything. Second time: Screen lights up, but the lock icon is still on. Third time: finally the screen is unlocked.

3. Photo processing/rendering on the gallery is faulty.

Photos in the gallery look good originally, but once we zoom in, the phone just increased the size of the preview image instead of rendering the photo according to the zoom level, resulting in pixelated stretched out image. (My current solution: view photos using the Photo Browser from Betalabs)

4. SMS memory changes everytime I charge the N97.

I have been charging my N97 via USB cable plugged to my computer since it now supports USB charging, but this also causes the SMS storage memory to change from Mass Memory to Phone Memory. I have to manually set it back to the original storage location everytime I unplug the cable off my computer. Irritating.

5. Favourite contacts limited to calling only.

I admit that the favourite contacts feature on the N97 is great. Once we set it up, the contacts will appear at the top of the phonebook so we can call them without the need to scroll through the list of contacts. On the other hand, after composing an SMS, pressing the green button will bring up the same phonebook for us to select the recipient. The favourite contacts are not available here, hence we have to scroll through the list again. Cant they just make this feature universal across all applications?

6. The magnetic compass is wonky.

As some of us know, the N97 has built in compass feature. Sometimes it gets activated within 5 seconds… but sometimes it takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Annoying.

7. Copy/paste shortcut is not available via the the full QWERTY keyboard

I’ve been trying to figure this out since the day I got the N97 and seems like Nokia has left out the shortcut keys to copy and paste text by just using the keyboard. Well we can definitely highlight text by holding the shift key and pressing the navipad… but then how do we copy the text that we have highlighted? The only way is to go through “options > editing options > copy” on the touchscreen interface. So dear Nokia, can we have shift+C and shift+V? Please?

These are the 7 flaws/bugs I can think of as of now. Hope the new firmware that’s coming out tomorrow will fix these problems.

Do you have any problems like these? Do share with us by leaving a comment. Thanks!

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June 30th, 2009

OOoh.yeah i noticed d grey band and wondered what that’s about also.

Eh…then the group pic that we took together bro? hilang ke!

stannyNo Gravatar Reply:

Just take it back and get it replaced. Your handset is clearly faulty. There are some faults with mine. But the only problem of yours that i have is the copy paste problem, i have none of the other problems you mentioned. Oh and the compass can be a bit temperamental. But the slide lock always works first time, my favourite contacts are always at the top, even for messaging, SMS storage never changes.

stannyNo Gravatar Reply:

That wasnt meant to be a direct reply to you evo, but to the article.

June 30th, 2009

Reminds me to ask you, how did you enhance your photos? The one on your blog looks much better than the raw image.

MarkNo Gravatar

June 30th, 2009

You are not the only one: the whole N97 is a bug, i already swapped for a new one. My previous n97 got so hot after 20 minutes of talk, almost burned my face. And it crashed very often. Now my new N97 doesnt have these issues, but new issues surfaced:
1. Lock/unlock/ backlight: When phone is locked, slide the unlock switch, backlight will not turn on, need to lock and unlock again to turn it on again.
2. The mp3 quality is bad, i hear a fluctuation in the sound, the bass and treble are not stable.
3. Ringtones: Sometimes the assigned ringtone will not ring, but the nokia tune will ring instead.
4. Pictures: In the photo viewer, swipe mode, all my pics are a bit pixelated, but when i double tap the pics to zoom in, they will get clear, but when return to swipe mode, they will get pixelated again. Also the picture thumbnails assigned to contacts are all pixelated.
5. Videos: some of my videos converted to Mp4, will freeze a bit and continue again.

And most annoying bug:

6. My alarm always turns on 4-5 minutes later than programmed!
I always depends on my phone’s alarm, previous was n82 (which was spot on), so today i was late at work because of this alarm bug!

Pedro JoséNo Gravatar

June 30th, 2009

Don’t forget to update the firmware tomorrow =)

midhunNo Gravatar

June 30th, 2009

What’s the theme you’re using ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can you post a link to download the theme

June 30th, 2009

better wait for a better frimware upgrade and bugs fixed then only buy… cos at that time the price will be cheaper also… :p

patrickNo Gravatar

June 30th, 2009

My friend the slide lock thingy my wife got that issue with a SAPURA unit, I had it exchanged with an AVAXX unit and not it works fine.. I agree lets wait for the new firmware.. after all we are still the guinea pigs being the early adopters

June 30th, 2009

dowan to buy N97 already luuu

AhmadNo Gravatar

July 1st, 2009

This is my experience with my White N97

Suprisingly, The free phone memory is half the size compared to the 5800 (57 MB on new 5800 while its only 22 MB on my new N97) !!! After using the Web browser for sometime the free phone memory will go down to 4 or 3 MB and the ‘Phone Memory Full’ message will pop up !! Does anybody else have this problem ? I transfered everything to the phones Mass memory and the best I could get is 20 MB free phone memory ! The available RAM is also much less than the 5800 !!! The phone will open all the important and vital applicaions by default (Contacts, Messaging, Calendar, Clock) and will never close them which will take alot of RAM !!
I advice you to install a 3rd party task manager to confirm my finding as the default one will not show all the opened applications and will show only the opened Widgets !!! As you all know the combination of Large RAM and Phone Memory will contribute positively to the phone performance !!! I can’t understand why the phone has only 20 MB Free Phone Memory out of the box !!

After Scanning the Phone memory using the built in file manager it gave me the following:

20 MB Free
50 MB used
2 MB: Messages
5 MB: Applications (as the widgets comes on the phone memory by default)
3 MB: Pictures
40 MB: Others !!!!

The Web Browser Cashing is taking alot of the free 20 MB Phone memory which made my free Phone memory reaches 2 MB after two weeks of usage !!! I had to clear the Web browser Cash to release the free 20 MB again !! (There is no option to limit the Cash size nor to assign it to the Mass memory !)

I think the phone should make use of its high capacity Mass Memory in order to save the Phone Memory which is essential for the user personal Data (Contacts, Messages, Notes, Emails..Etc).

The Nokia messaging is really great but it does not have the option to save the emails and attachements to the Mass memory !! (This also will put more pressure on the phone memory )!

The phone can read my home country language but cant write !! It can only write the regions 5 main languages that comes by default, while the new Iphone has full support for 30 New Languages (Reading and Writing) regardless where you live or what is your region !

Video Recording lacks the Auto Focus, its set to infinity! There is two things can be implemented here:

Either using all time Auto Focus like the new Iphone or let the phone do Auto Focus for two seconds before starting to record the Video (Like the HTC Touch HD).

The phone has almost no Transition effects, most of the transitions available on the 5800 are removed from the N97 !!

All other aspects of the Phone are Great and Works fine ! it is a lovely great phone but needs alot of work on the Firmware side.

I think Nokia can improve the user interface just like what Samsung Did with the Omnia HD ! but again this needs alot of RAM and Phone Memory !

Lets wait for the new firmware…

happyKiatNo Gravatar

July 2nd, 2009

lets wait Nokia to update N97 firmware…
insufficient RAM kinda serious >.>
just hope Nokia release latest firmware with kinetic scrolling just like they did on 5530 Xpress music XD

July 3rd, 2009

The photo rendering problem has been here in Nokia all these while I guess, my 6300 also having the same problem!

July 3rd, 2009

So many bugs man…but it’s really a nightmare to found when those memorable photo u took was faulty :(

endlesszNo Gravatar

July 3rd, 2009

lol! guess flagships these days arent as good as the old days..

i reckon n95 was still better in its did have its flaws but not fatal one like making an error on your picture!

BjornNo Gravatar

July 11th, 2009

Have you read the instructions on how to calibrate the compass? You must twist the phone around its axis to get the compass working. I run it around in a figure 8 with the top facing in the movement direction and it gets calibrated in a few seconds.

I have experienced the key lock problem once, but that is only once from maybe a hundred times.

The most annoying thing to me so far has been the lack of a paste key. For example to paste a URL in the browser the only way I have figured how to do it is with the keypad slid in. How can I do it with the keypad open?

MikeNo Gravatar

July 11th, 2009

I’ve had my N97 for 2 days now, but already I’ve found the following problems..

1) Often needs 3 attempts to unlock the screen. (just can’t belive that didn’t come up in testing..)

2) Can’t seem to change the favourite contacts once 4 have been selected in each widget!

3) installed the Japanese language plugin to the dictionary, but there is no support to display or input japanese characters..

4) Reuters Slide show and AccuWeather don’t load any data.. (could just be me but the other internet apps work)

5) I’ve taken 6 or 7 shots with the cam just around my home to test it. 3 of them were corrupted and can’t be viewed in the Photos application or used as wallpaper (althought their thumbnails do appear in the Photo Browser..)

6) Can’t save phone numbers directly from received text messages.

7) I used my old problem free sim after upgrading but have always had a flashing message logo at the top of the screen saying the sim card is full – but there’s no obvious way to access the sim data from the phone.

8) Lots of 5800 software is unavailable on the N97 (so far at least). In particular, the acclaimed PhotoFlow Image Browser.

All in all I think it’s a bit of a shame because the hardware is so feature rich, but the software let’s it down. I mean fully integrating the contacts, sms, favourites system etc should have been perfected years ago. How they can release I flagship phone with so many gliches when they’re competing against the iPhone I have no idea.

Oh yeah, and the Facebook widget seems to claim some people’s status updates occur at such times as ‘-410 minutes ago’, but at least that’s mildly amusing!

MikeNo Gravatar Reply:

Nokia N97 sucks big time. My patience for NOKIA is finished.

As for your problem, go to Contacts, select the one on your favourite list, select Options: it will give you a chance to “Remove from favourites”.

LeoNo Gravatar

October 29th, 2009

I want to say more words about the alarm bug. I known this bug a few weeks ago, but even so we should expect it rings. I set two alarms yesterday, 2:30 and 2:50, because something is really important for me. Unfortunately, none of them works! I didn’t hear any alarm until next morning. I’m so disappointed that Nokia made so stupid problem and till now we can’t get any solution!

December 11th, 2009

I have heard about this bug. My friend got the same phone and she had exactly the same issue.

February 15th, 2010

I love my nokia 5800 i am happy with that

September 20th, 2011

hi there reading ur comment my compose is wonkey but ive updated my fimewave to v22 ny my n97 freezes and starts chargeing by its self and many apps refuse to work .nokia need to do something for its customers if they care

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