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I have the sudden urge to write a post to recap the launch of the 5800 XPM launch that took place in Hongkong recently.

Here goes.

On 24th November 2008, Nokia held a launch event featuring 3 famous HK celebrities, William Chan, Lam Fung and Charlene from Twins.

Here are 2 videos taken at the event.

General video covering the performances, the model and the phone.

Cantonese narrated video report done by Scoop TVB.

Some close up photos of the 5800 at the launch.

On 29th November 2008, a Nokia 5800 parade cum celebration was held at night in conjunction with the 5800 going on sale when the clock strikes midnight. Below are some photos.

At midnight, everyone was already queueing to buy the 5800 at phone shops.

This is CRAZY! (All photos above supplied by Keith.)

On 30th November 2008, someone who was at the midnight event bought the 5800 and posted photos of his experience and unboxing process on the net. Check out the photos below.

“Its 11:54pm. I m waiting 4 my 5800 to come^^”

“Yeah! Got You!”

“5800 and accessories in the package”

Thanks hidetoshi for sharing his experience.

So there you go! Super Coverage Post: Nokia 5800 Launch in HK.

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