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I was browsing through Ovi Store last night to see if there are anything worth downloading and I found Vtap.

It claims to be the one app that finds all sorts of videos from various sources like Myspace, NYTimes, Youtube, TED, Megavideo, Gametrailers and etc and organise them so that your can watch any videos from your phone itself.

I have tried it before this, on the 5800… it was working well and now I am installing it on the N97. Since youtube does not have a proper native s60 app, this might actually be a good alternative.

Upon launching the app, it will try to load the list of recently featured videos by vtap and list them on the main screen. We can actually set for it to show videos of different quality; low, medium and high. It works on Wifi connection too.

The search results will appear as we type our query and finally they will be shortlisted to match your keyword. Simply tap on each result for detials on the particular video and options to share/tag/favourite them. Clicking play will load the video and we can view it fullscreen by just clicking on the expand button.

Vtap works with most phones that supports video streaming. One can also use vtap to watch videos by just going to the mobile site at

If you have an S60 phone, you can download the app here.

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