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This is part 2 of our 3-megapixel battle between the Nokia 5800 and iPhone 3Gs.

In this simple battle, we will see the pros and cons of both video camera in a few aspects:
- Recording at infinity distance and zooming
- Focusing and macro recording.

First up, let’s see how both devices fair in recording and zooming.

iPhone 3Gs

Nokia 5800

Verdict: The Nokia 5800 XPM produces clearer and smoother video and has the zooming capability with louder audio reception. iPhone 3Gs on the other hand, cannot zoom and has a less sensitive mic.

Second test: Focusing and macro capabilities.

iPhone 3Gs

Nokia 5800

Verdict: iPhone here has the upper hand as it allows pre-focusing (which is very good for recording at very very short distances) while the Nokia 5800 does not have focus at all (resulting in blur objects and close distances).

What do you think of both cameras? Leave a comment and let us know.

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