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Nokia Conversations has posted some videos on how to take better photos with the Nokia N8.

If you have one, why not have a look and try to get some tips from there?

#1 Professional Photo Shoot

#2 Nature photography

#3 Photography Inspiration

#4 Urban Landscapes

#5 Street Photography

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Hi, some of you N79 owners may already know this if you spent time exploring the camera menus, but if you haven’t, then hope this will help.

Tip 1: How to customize your toolbar

If you go to Options in image mode, you’ll see an option to customize the toolbar shorcuts that appear in the right column in camera mode.

As you can see, you can select and change any of the six shortcuts available. So if there’s a feature you want to access more quickly, you can elevate it to the shortcut level.

Tip 2: Burst mode

If you select sequence mode from the shortcuts list, you will see a range of options other than the standard single shot mode. As you can see in the screenshot above, burst mode lets you capture six quick images in succession, which is great for fast-moving action or other such scenarios. You can also hold the key down and continue to capture images in burst mode until the memory runs out.

Tip 3: Scene modes

If you are taking everyday photos, the standard auto mode setting is a good option. However, if you are taking a certain type of photo, scene modes give you more specified options. Select the “A” icon from the shortcuts and you’ll see the options above, from close-up to portrait to night mode.

Tip 4: Video light

Your N79 has the capability to shoot in low- and no-light situations, which means you can shoot video at night, in a dimly-lit club and wherever else you might want to shed some light on things. The default setting is off, so all you need to do is select the icon highlighted above to switch the video light on.

(Tip 2, 3 and 4 works for N85 and N96 too)

Do you have some other tips and tricks for the Nseries camera?


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