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What’s the latest hype on Nokia now? Well, its none other than the making of the N97 video.

Well you wont get to see the machines or the parts of the N97 being assembled but you get to hear what the designers and the product managers have to say about how the N97 came about. How they tested the slide out tilt screen mechanism along with very nice video effects, sceneries and a very inspiring soundtrack, all in a 7 minutes clips.

The team behind the creation of the Nokia N97 is a global one with a shared vision that’s highlighted in this video. The project is based in Tokyo, with the industrial designer in Finland, the mechanics team in Tokyo, and software teams around the globe, straddling Boston, Dallas, India, China, Singapore. Many of the key players at Nokia behind the product step in front of the lens in this rare video to tell their piece of the story puzzle that fits together to make the N97, including Tomi Kuparinen, Product Program Manager and designer Shunjiro Eguchi.

Watch it now. Here.


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