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Shazam has recently announced that it’s popular music tagging mobile app is now free to download from the OVI Store. This is to celebrate the release of Nokia N97 in the market.

This promotion is only valid until 30th November 2009 so you better go get your copy from the OVI Store as soon as you can! hehee. (Shazam is one of my favourite app on the N97 by the way).

So how does Shazam work? Simple. Hear a music you like playing on radio and wanna know what song is that?

Launch Shazam.
Connect to the Internet via 3G or wifi.
Click on “tag now”.
Place the phone near the speaker.

After Shazam listens to the song, it will try to match it with the database online and present you with the closest match. As you can see from screenshots, left: listening screen, right: result screen.

Get Shazam now!

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