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OK So we have heard a lot about Nokia’s upcoming super smartphone N8, the first device to be powered by Symbian^3 OS.

We have also seen what the 12megapixel camera can do and the 720p HD video recording on the N8.

SymbianpOp will be at the Nokia N8 Preview Session tonight held in Kuala Lumpur and here’s your chance to clear your doubts and curiosity!

If you have any questions about the N8 at all, please feel free to leave it here in the COMMENTS section or send us an email at smashpop[at]gmail[dot]com and we will try our best to raise it at the session tonight.

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OK So I got the E5 for review recently and the first thing I did was to transfer all my phonebook contacts to it from my previous phone which was the Nokia X6.

Fortunately for Symbian users, there’s a feature called ‘Switch’ which comes along with all Symbian devices for users to transfer data from one phone to another like contacts, calendar and SMS/MMS messages.

The process is simple.

Locate the Switch feature in your phone.

Tap on the “Start Sending” icon, select which phone to send to and your are done!

For clearer instructions, here’s a Live demo I recorded using the Nokia N900. Check it out.

NOTE: This feature is available to all current Symbian devices. Look it out in your phones now! :D

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The Nokia N8 is the first Symbian^3 device to be made available in the market soon… yet the next S^3 device has been leaked and spotted in the wild.

Checkout the Nokia C7-00.

Photos were taken by

Here are the main specs according to them.

* GSM 850/900/1800/1900
* WCDMA 2100MHz
* Display: 3.5 touch screen (resistive) 360 × 640 pixel resolution
* Symbian ^ 3
* 1200 mAh Li-Ion Battery
* Camera: 8 million pixel (CMOS) Dual LED
* support 720p HD video, 1080p high-definition player
* Bluetooth 3.0
* Micro USB v2.0, support for USB OUT function
* WiFi 11n


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If you have been waiting for a saviour to your check in needs, wait no more as ThinkChange has produced a proper Foursquare app for Symbian devices so you can check in at all the locations you go to anytime anywhere with just a few taps.

As you can see in the screenshots above, it has a login screen, a “me’ screen which shows your your friends checkins, your previous checkins, badges and mayorships, map view, places view and friends view.

Check out the video below on how it works on an N97.

Devices Supported:
Nokia: 5230, 5233, 5235, 5530, 5800, C6, N97, N97 Mini, X6
Samsung: GT i8910 Omnia
SonyEricsson: U1 Satio, U5 Vivaz, U8 Kanna

Currently they have the unsigned version for download, but if you want it signed, you need to sign up to be a beta tester.

Check out Sym4Square now!

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Symbian users! Ever wished you can send text messages to your friends for free? Wouldn’t it be great if you can chat with your friends on iPhone and Blackberry for free? Soon you can!

Whatsapp Messenger which is very famous among iPhone and Blackberry users now, will be expanding their service to Symbian platform soon!

According to them, “WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messaging app which allows you to exchange messages with your friends and contacts without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is cross platform and is currently available for iPhone and BlackBerry and yes, iPhones and BlackBerries can message each other too! To send and receive messages, WhatsApp utilizes your existing smartphone internet data plan: 3G/EDGE (or Wi-Fi when available)”

Got the hang of it yet? I am one of the beta testers of the app for Symbian and I can say that it’s working very well even at beta stage. Check out some screenshots I took on my Nokia X6.

The app has to be connected to the Internet in order to work. Users can choose to connect to Wifi or 3G. Upon launching Whatsapp for the first time, we need to register our phone number so that your friends can see you in their Whatsapp contact list automatically.

The main menu of the app has 4 sections;

- Chats [all your chat sessions with your friends]
- Favourties [your chatable contacts... Wthe app automatically searches your phonebook for Whatsapp users]
- Contacts [your full phonebook contacts]
- Status [you can change your status to let your friends know if you are free to talk or not]

[LEFT] Status screen, you can select one of the preset statuses or set your own.
[RIGHT] List of conversations with your friends.

FYI, Whatsapp is “always-on”. That means there is no way to quit the app. It is always on cos it tries to mimic SMS… which is always available. You do not need to login to chat. Everytime you get a message, you will see a popup on the screen.

Whatsapp will soon be available in the OVI Store. Wait for it cos it is the most awesome thing to happen on mobile phones.

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Nokia just announced a new device powered by the new Symbian^3 platform, the Nokia N8. It is launched with a new breed of camera to compete with the current point and shoot digicams in the market.

From the specs, I’d say that this Nokia N8 is the best Nokia camera device ever as it comes with a 12-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash. The camera sensor is larger than most of the sensors in current camera phones and also digicams out there, so expect photos with good noise control from this new N8.

The N8 can also capture HD videos at 720p and has the ability to edit them within the device itself. Watching videos is also great on the 3.5″ HD capacitive touchscreen. This is the first Nokia device to have HDMI output to you can plug it to your HDTVs to share photos and videos with your friends. Other than that, the experience of watching videos on the N8 is also different as it has Dolby Digital Plus surround sound and is ablt to hook into a dedicated Web TV application for access to news and entertainment on the move.

The N8 also has messaging and social networks features. Access live feeds from your Twitter and Facebook accounts from the homscreen itself. You will be able to comment, reach and post photos and statuses with one touch. As usual, the N8 comes with free global Ovi Maps walk and drive navigation with support in more than 70 countries worldwide.

The Symbian^3 powering the N8, is a new and enhanced version of the current Symbian OS and it now supports gestures and multitouch like pinch to zoom. Other enhancements are; 3 customizable homescreens, improved 2D and 3D graphics for faster and more responsive UI.

The N8 comes with 5 eye catching colours and will cost about €370 before tax and subsidies. The Nokia N8 is expected to ship in the 3rd quarter of 2010.

Stay tuned for more into on Nokia N8!

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Nokia has just unveiled a new series in its line of devices, the C Series. Along with the X and E series, the new line is more catered to the mass market, providing them smartphone features in a feature phone body.

The first device in this new series is the Nokia C5, comes with S60 3rd edition with OVI messenger pre-installed that allows users to connect to IM services like Windows Live Messenger and Gtalk.

It has a bright 2.2inch display and a 3.2megapixel camera. The C5 also comes with free walk and drive navigation courtesy of Ovi Maps. Social networking features for the C5, one of which is Facebook integration where the handset’s phonebook will display your contacts’ status updates. Good stuff!

The C5 is very slim, measuring at about 12mm thin and 46mm across (and 112mm high). Battery life is good for up to 12 hours talktime and it’ll stay on standby for 26 days between charges.

There will be 2 colour variations for the device, White & Warm Grey. It will be made available in the second quarter of 2010 globally in Europe, Eurasia, SEAP, China and MEA. Price would be around 135 Euro, which translates to about RM621 before tax.

Check out this hands-on video from FoneArena

What do you think of the new C series? Drop us a comment.


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Good news to all S60v5 users (N97, 5800, 5530 etc)!!!

Nimbuzz just rolled out a brand new version of its popular messaging app that supports Twitter!

According to them, they just did 3 great things by launching:

the most powerful Twitter app on Symbian – adding a whole new element of “real-time”!
a world first, with pop-up notifications for chats and events while Nimbuzz runs in the background!
added kinetic scrolling to all 5th Edition phones – which will rock your touch screen!

The fully integrated Twitter function is better than any standalone Twitter client for Symbian, plus you get all that extra Nimbuzz goodness!
You can Tweet, ReTweet, Follow, Unfollow, Direct Message, visualize Timeline, Search, view Trends, view Profiles… you name it!

Here is a list of the new features and improvements:

* Full Twitter client – Timelines, Tweet, DM, Searches, Trends, Profiles and much more!!
* Kinetic scroll – available for Symbian 5th edition touch screen phones (e.g. Nokia 5800, Nokia N97, N97 mini, Nokia 5730, Nokia X6 )
* Chat History –see all your past conversations
* Pop-Up notification – for new chats and other events whenever Nimbuzz runs in the background
* DTMF tones in calls – now you can press 1 in a call , when the robot tells you so ;)
* NimbuzzOut rate calculator – see the rates for calling to different countries
* Upgraded UI – new chat screen layout & contact list layout

Cant wait to try it on your Nokia touchscreen devices? Download the new Nimbuzz 2.2 for Symbian now from

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Just when you thought Symbian user interface is getting old since the new touchscreen devices are currently using S60v5 (which was ported from S60v3 with touch capability added), don scat!

The people at Symbian Foundation are actually working on new Symbian platforms namely Symbian^3 and Symbian^4

Check out the timeline above to find out when these new n good looking Symbian versions are coming.

According to


The second open version of the Symbian platform. It extends Symbian^2 in many ways, including graphics support for advanced layering and effects, full HDMI support for a great television playback experience and improving data performance – ideal for streaming high definition audio and video.


Symbian^4 is expected in 2010. It will feature Direct UI – a complete makeover of the touch UI, Qt as the primary runtime and the majority of SHAI in place, making hardware adaptation easier than ever before.

Check out this video showing off the Symbian UI Concept posted by Symbian Foundation.

Can’t wait to see this being implemented! Come on Symbian! Speed it up! :D

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Remember the game Mastermind?

They one that you have to break the colour codes set by a codemaker by using colour balls/pins?

Here’s a photo of the classic board game.

(Photo taken from

Well, from the makers of MyPhone, here comes their version of the old classic game called Memo Deduction!

There three level for you to choose, Easy, Normal and Difficult. In Easy mode, there’re four colors and four memos in all. You have 12 chances to guess the right combination. In Normal mode, there’re five colors and five memos in all, and 10 chances. It’s easy for you, right? But in Difficult mode, it’s really hard. You have only 8 chances to figure out 5 memos with 6 colors.

The red pin means there is a memo with the right color and position. The black pin means there is a memo with the right color but wrong position.

I personally think that the ‘notes’ can be made bigger so its more finger friendly. I would also prefer if a menu of all colours pops up everyone i tap on a note so I don’t need to tap it repeatedly to get the colour I want.

OK! Have you got ready to challenge your mind? Memo Deduction is now available to Nokia Phones. It will be available on the OVI Store soon but if you can’t wait, grab a copy for yourself now at the MMMOOO shop for only $1.99 now.

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ALERT ALERT! A damn useful app is emerging and everyone in KL, Malaysia should get it!

It might just be one of the most useful app on your phone alongside Gravity!

Thanks to the guys at Nerdattack, we will be able to check out traffic conditions in the city before we leave the office, go for parties at night or going to work.

If I’m not mistaken, the app is currently only supported on S60 v5 touch devices so if you are using a Nokia 5800, N97, 5530 or N97 mini then probably you should get it when it’s out on the OVI Store.

The widget has a very simple and straight forward interface. Once it’s launched, a list of street names will appear and with just a tap, traffic images will be displayed.

*Live images are grabbed from ITIS btw.

Check out these screenssssssss.. damn nice right? See how the arrows are toggled by just tapping the arrows icon on the top right of the screen.

According to NerdAttack, the app has been submitted to OVI Store and is awaiting approval. Wait for it yo! I’ll try to update u guys once the app is up.

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I have mentioned this a hundred times yet I think I still have not mentioned enough of how much I love the themes produced by Pizero.

Remember the last theme he brought for us was Solstice, but that was months ago.

Few days back Pizero released one of his latest themes called Ovi.

The idea is adapted from Nokia’s Ovi suite of services of course and check out screenshots for S60 touch and non touch devices here.

Download Ovi theme for S60v3(N96, N78, N85, E71 etc) and S60v5(5800, 5530, N97) devices now!

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Many of us are using Symbian touch devices like Nokia 5800, Nokia N97 etc. Many of us are also using messengers like MSN, GTalk, Yahoo and Skype.
So how many of you are actually chatting on these messengers using your phones? I know I do.

These are my top 3 favourite chatting/messenger apps for S60v5 devices. We shall analyse them in 3 categories: Interface, Usability/Functionality and Stability.

Showing only 3 apps does not mean I have not tried other apps like Nimbuzz, IM+, Agile Messenger etc.. just that they are not as good as these 3 here

3rd place: FRING

One of the most famous messenger app is Fring. It’s available for multiple platforms like Symbian, iPhone etc. It comes with many features like Facebook and Twitter integration, friends finder, file and photo sending, Fring calls, etc. I used to like it when I was using the N96 but the touch version is too cluttered and it disconnects from 3G very frequently.

Interface: 2.5/5
Usability/Functionality: 4/5
Stability: 2/5
Total score: 8.5 out of 15

Download from

2nd place: MSN Messenger

MSN China has did it once… building an MSN Messenger app for users. It was great as it has 90% of the compute version of MSN Messenger… but for a period of time, it didn’t work and thus the news died down after that.

Fret not! The app is now brought alive again and is again usable on touch devices! I love the interface as it resembles the original MSN, has sound alerts and other features like contacts profile photo, search contacts etc. One thing I dont like: The buttons and text are too small for fingers to touch.

Interface: 4/5
Usability/Functionality: 3/5
Stability: 3/5
Total score: 10 out of 15


1st place: Palringo

Palringo was famous with it’s push-to-talk apps back in the N95 era. They have slowly evolved into a messenger app and now they support most of the messengers out there like MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, Facebook etc. The interface is very simple, loads very quickly and easy to use. It has never got disconnected from 3G since the day I started using it til now. IT still has features like sending photo and voice(utilising their famous push-to-talk) technology.

1 thing that i dont quite like is that it lacks of the ’search contacts’ feature.

Interface: 3.5/5
Usability/Functionality: 4.5/5
Stability: 5/5
Total score: 13 out of 15

Download from

What do you think of these FREE messenger apps? Do you have any favorite messenger apps that you use on your phone? Leave a comment and let us know! :D

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Remember the post about Youtube mobile got smarter?

Now they have made the S60 app smarter too! Well not smarter but now it plays videos in fullscreen!

This is the default main screen. Notice the buttons on the right? It used to be there during playback too.

Search results are presented in filmstrips that can be swiped left or right. Tap on any of the thumbnail and the video will go fullscreen.

See how the controls take over the whole screen overlaying the video but it’s kinda upsetting to see the videos are not optimized for fullscreen playback yet.

Anyhow, just point your mobile browser to to get the app

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The most popular native Symbian Twitter client, Gravity has been receiving a lot of updates since it first launched back in March.

Through these few months, features added were profile viewing, twitpic previewing, instapaper support, mobipicture support, fullscreen option and many more.

The latest version of Gravity, v1.20 build 5570 was released few days ago and it adds large fonts options so that you dont have to squint your eyes reading twit updates from your friends. Other updates that come with this update: more stable API proxy, preview of flickrm yfrog and

Here’s a screenshot of the timeline with large fonts (and white theme for improved readability)

Get Gravity for your Symbian phones now (if you are still using web or any other twitter apps) at now!

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One of the reasons why every phone that I change to is a Symbian OS operated phone… is because of the “Switch” feature. If I’m not mistaken, Nokia added this feature to their S60 phones since the N95.

What’s Switch? Here’s a scenario.

You are using an S60 phone, say N95 or N82 or N78 or N96 or 5800…. and then you bought a new S60 phone… say… N86.. or N97… and you are frustrated cos you have no idea how to transfer all your data (contacts, SMS, MMS, media, etc) from your old phone to your new one.

Switch is your solution. It has been lying deep inside S60 phones for a while now and I see a lot of people are still unaware of this great feature.

To access Switch, go to Settings > Connectivity > Data Transfer > Phone Switch. (The location of Switch varies… if you don’t find it here, try looking under tools or utilities folder)

Switch allows you to transfer data like Contacts, Calendar entries, SMSes, MMSes, Notes, Bookmarks , Photos and Videos from one S60 phone to another. Usually the the transfer (via bluetooth) takes about 3 to 5 minutes only (depending on how much data you are transferring)

Here are 2 screenshots from the Switch menu on N97. How do you get Switch to work? Follow these simple steps:

1. Switch on bluetooth on both phones.
2. Select “send” or “transfer” on your old phone (should be the 3rd button on the Switch screen).
3. Select your new phone from the “bluetooth devices menu”.?
4. Click on “accept transfer” on your new phone and WALLAH!

It will then begin transferring and after a few minutes, your new phone will have every single data from your old phone! Try it!

What do you think of this feature?

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I got to play with the Nokia N97 at the recent Nokia Developer Summit 09 at Monaco and I’d like to say thanks to WenDee and Julien Fourgeaud for giving a very detailed runthough of the device.

Here’s my simple review of it.. after playing for 15 minutes. Heh.

The N97 that I got to play with was the black variant. I personally prefer the white one. Well, the body was very solid as there were no creaks when squeezed. The green and red touch buttons were very responsive while giving haptic feedback when pressed.

One thing that disturbed me was the tilt screen. The angle of the tilt was too steep that I had to bend my hands down a little in order for the screen to face me directly. This also means that I cannot get a clear view of the keyboard since it has been tilted down. Hope you know what I mean.

As the N97 I played was still a pre-production set, the backlight of the full qwerty keyboard was not working but everything else was OK. The speaker was as loud as the 5800. It’s a fingerprint magnet but I am sure it will not be that obvious on the white one.

Check out the video below.

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Hi all, finally a native Twitter client is released for S60 phones like N96, N85, N79, 5800 etc.

Just launched today on their website, Gravity spots a fantastic interface and is a full featured Twitter client that supports multiple accounts, Twitter Search, Laconica and TwitPic.

What an awesome interface on the 5800. Haha… On the main screen you get access to your timeline, Twitter search, images(from your phone) and an option to add a new account.

More screens! Timeline and Replies screen… of course there are others like “followers, favourite, own tweets”

Simply click on each twit and it opens up a submenu using the accordian style effect which gives you options to reply, retweet, unfollow, and buttons to visit links mention in the twit you selected.

Here’s 2 screnshots of Gravity on non-touch S60 phones.

Check out this video below of Gravity on my 5800…. recorded using another 5800. lol

Go download the trial version of Gravity now!

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I’ve been trying out Buddycloud for a few days now and I think it is a very very good app.

It allows you to update your friends on what you are currently doing (kinda like Twitter) but better!

Buddycloud adds context to the places you visit in the real world and makes it fun and easy to share these on sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can bookmark and tag locations that mean something to you. For eample: Home, The Pub, Joe’s House and Favourite Coffee Shop.

It tell’s your friends where you went, where you are now, and where you are going next! (That’s of course if you allow your location to be updated in your status.)

As you move around, Buddycloud automatically places you back at previously saved bookmarks, and updates your Buddycloud friends, Facebook and Twitter. It also shows you other people and places nearby. Short status messages can also be pushed into twitter.

Buddycloud is also about knowing where you were in the past and future. A simple future location can also be set. A simple example:

  • Status message: Wow, that was a long week. Anyone up for a pint? (also pushed to Twitter and Facebook)
  • Previous place: Work
  • Current place: On the road in Southwark
  • Next place: The Anchor Pub

One thing I really like about this application is that it constantly updates the list of people nearest to me so I can make friends with other Buddycloud users in the same city, town, state and even country! (See how it tells me the distance between me and another user in Muar, Malaysia.)

Buddycloud is slightly different to other friend-finder type services. It uses multiple location sources. Cell Towers, WiFi, GPS and bluethooth can be used in combination. This means that it works well indoors where GPS based solutions fail. It also incorporates group chats so that you can chat with other people in the area.

I clicked on the 4th tab and I see lists of groups that I can join in the conversation… with this feature, I can chat with anyone anytime anywhere! (make sure you have unlimited data plan so you wont get charged a bomb by your telco)

Here’s a screenshot of one ofthe groups I was chatting in.

Buddycloud is not only for Nokia 5800, it is also supported by all Nokia Nseries and other Symbian phones like N96, N73, N95, 6210, and even Samsung Innov8!

Get Buddycloud now!… don’t forget to add me! My ID is “smashpOp”… or if you are in Malaysia, just click on the “friends nearby” tab and you will see my name there.

Go download it now!

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It’s quite shocking to see an unannounced XpressMusic phone being previewed so quickly but hey, Mobile-Review just did it. They have already played with one of the first prototype set of the 5730XPM.

The 5730 XPM is a candybar music smartphone with slide out qwerty keyboard targeted at the mid tier audience. It features a 3.2mpx autofocus camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a single LED light and a backlit qwerty keyboard!

I’d say that the design is quite edgy as the font type on the keypads and the keyboard look very digital and the built is in metallic, although it does come in 2 XpressMusic colours, Red and Blue.

From the article we can actually see that the OS, running on S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 has little new updates and some additinal features are included like Say&Play and there is a probability that it will adopt the Contacts Bar feature from 5800 too. We’ll have to see when it’s announced in April. The price will be around 220 Euro before tax.

Check out Mobile-Review for full prveview.

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