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To everyone whom have been waiting for the Nokia N8, good news! It’s now shipping! The first Nokia N8 devices have left the factories in Finland and China and are now making their way around the world.

Nokia Conversations has posted some shots of the N8 being packed and shipped. Below are some of it.

Guess who will get them first? Who else but those who pre-ordered hehe and according to Nokia, Nokia N8 has received the most pre-orders ever in their line of products.

“Being a global device launch, the Nokia N8 is shipping in tens of different languages to dozens of operators around the world. That isn’t something that happens overnight and as factory production ramps up, so will the numbers of trucks leaving with freshly boxed N8s on board.”

The N8s are being packed into the blue boxes!

Users can expect to receive the N8s as early as this weekend and more will get their hands on the devices in the coming weeks.

Now check your doorstep or nearby phone dealers to see if you can grab hold of the N8 soon :D


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