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Tero Ojanpera, Exec VP, Entertainment and Communities, Nokia, spent 45 minutes talking about developing for the era of Social Location.

He basically tells the developers how Nokia is opening up the platform so that apps can be built and distributed in order for users to discover. They are also opening up the OVI platform’s API and that will allow 3rd party developers to utilise it and easily plug into the OVI Share network.

Soon users will have the chance to upload photos, videos and other media to social networks like flickr, facebook, OVI etc and this can be done at the same time instead of uploading them to the networks one after another.

Nokia N97 SDk was also released so developers can build apps, take over the front screen and inform users on their latest updates and ‘new things’. The front screen is live and dynamic. Users do not need to open apps to find out details of things they constantly want to know about.

Here’s a video of this talk.

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Nokia Betalabs has recently launched a new app called Nokia Image Exchange.

It is like a service for users to upload and sync photos on the phone with the server so you can view your photos either from your phone or the web.

It’s actually a pool of image with other users in the world so you can view photos uploaded by your friends or anyone in the world on your phone and if you like them, you can favourite or comment them.

Here’s a video of the developer telling you how it works.

The interface is very cool.. but I don’t get to try it cos it is not supported by N96 yet.

Here’s the compatibility list from their site:
Tested on: N95 (all versions), N85, N82 N81 (all models), E71, N76, N78 and Nokia 5320 XpressMusic. Image Exchange should also work on many other S60 3.1 and 3.2 devices.
Devices known not to work or have issues: N96, E90 and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

Check out Nokia Image Exchange now and tell me what you think about it… (since I.. cant get to try it)

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Hi all.

Do you share your photos and videos in Facebook? Flickr? Youtube? or even the new Nokia Social sharing site, OVI?

Well, you can now transfer your medias easily to your own social sharing websites via SHOZU!

It supports most of the websites and it integrates nicely with your phone!( yes, not only Symbian)…

I’ve tried it and i think its very easy to use and I can even update my Twitter using it! ahaha

There’s more to explore in this lil application. Why dont you try and share your experience with us?

Get SHOZU for your phone now!

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