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Bored of the default browser on your S60 touch/non touch devices?

Check out Skyfire! Their latest version, v1.5 was just released recently and it’s free!

Updates for the non touch version (S60 v3):

  • Smooth Scrolling: Scroll operations more fluid.
  • Updated user interface
  • Performance tweaks: More robust and faster browsing experience.

Updates for the touch version (S60 v5):

  • Finger friendly UI: A new finger friendly UI for high resolution touchscreen devices for easier browsing experience.
  • Smooth Scrolling: Kinetic scrolling: Pan or flick the screen to move in any direction smoothly.
  • Full screen mode
  • Auto-Rotate

I was testing it on my Nokia X6 and there are some things that I really like about Skyfire. First of all, it allows us to customize our start screen to fit in feeds from Facebook, Twitter, or any other RSS enabled sites. Check out the screenshots above. (Left) Activating Twitter. (Right) Back to start screen with Twitter feeds enabled.

I like how the bookmarks screen looks. We can categorize our bookmarks into different tabs just like the browsers on our computer.

A reason why you should consider this browser over other 3rd party browsers like Opera is that Skyfire supports Flash! Not only it plays videos on Youtube, I even played flash games on! Amazing… but one ting though… the audio from the Flash files are very jerky.

The kinetic scrolling works very well. I also notice how the browser tries to enlarge the fonts of the websites when in ‘zoom out’ mode (refer to screenshot above).

I think Skyfire has done a great job with v1.5 and some minor fixes need to be done as soon as possible. It’s free anyway so why not download Skyfire by pointing your phone browser to now :D

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Remember the post about Youtube mobile got smarter?

Now they have made the S60 app smarter too! Well not smarter but now it plays videos in fullscreen!

This is the default main screen. Notice the buttons on the right? It used to be there during playback too.

Search results are presented in filmstrips that can be swiped left or right. Tap on any of the thumbnail and the video will go fullscreen.

See how the controls take over the whole screen overlaying the video but it’s kinda upsetting to see the videos are not optimized for fullscreen playback yet.

Anyhow, just point your mobile browser to to get the app

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The most popular native Symbian Twitter client, Gravity has been receiving a lot of updates since it first launched back in March.

Through these few months, features added were profile viewing, twitpic previewing, instapaper support, mobipicture support, fullscreen option and many more.

The latest version of Gravity, v1.20 build 5570 was released few days ago and it adds large fonts options so that you dont have to squint your eyes reading twit updates from your friends. Other updates that come with this update: more stable API proxy, preview of flickrm yfrog and

Here’s a screenshot of the timeline with large fonts (and white theme for improved readability)

Get Gravity for your Symbian phones now (if you are still using web or any other twitter apps) at now!

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Woot! 5 lucky readers will get a license each for the MyPhone app!

What’s MyPhone? Read my previous post about it.

Now do you want one for yourself? If yes… read on. lol (Open to all S60 users… E71, N95, N85, 5800 etc etc etc)

To get yourself 1 of the 5 licenses, send me an email NOW with the following content:

Email title/subject: I want MyPhone for my phone!

Name: ________
Where are you from: ________
Phone model: ________

What is MyPhone?

The fastest 5 to submit the email to me at smashpop [at] gmail [dot] com with the exact email format will get a license each.

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One of the reasons why every phone that I change to is a Symbian OS operated phone… is because of the “Switch” feature. If I’m not mistaken, Nokia added this feature to their S60 phones since the N95.

What’s Switch? Here’s a scenario.

You are using an S60 phone, say N95 or N82 or N78 or N96 or 5800…. and then you bought a new S60 phone… say… N86.. or N97… and you are frustrated cos you have no idea how to transfer all your data (contacts, SMS, MMS, media, etc) from your old phone to your new one.

Switch is your solution. It has been lying deep inside S60 phones for a while now and I see a lot of people are still unaware of this great feature.

To access Switch, go to Settings > Connectivity > Data Transfer > Phone Switch. (The location of Switch varies… if you don’t find it here, try looking under tools or utilities folder)

Switch allows you to transfer data like Contacts, Calendar entries, SMSes, MMSes, Notes, Bookmarks , Photos and Videos from one S60 phone to another. Usually the the transfer (via bluetooth) takes about 3 to 5 minutes only (depending on how much data you are transferring)

Here are 2 screenshots from the Switch menu on N97. How do you get Switch to work? Follow these simple steps:

1. Switch on bluetooth on both phones.
2. Select “send” or “transfer” on your old phone (should be the 3rd button on the Switch screen).
3. Select your new phone from the “bluetooth devices menu”.?
4. Click on “accept transfer” on your new phone and WALLAH!

It will then begin transferring and after a few minutes, your new phone will have every single data from your old phone! Try it!

What do you think of this feature?

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How many of you here hope to have the iPhone interface experience on your Symbian devices? Yes? Yes?

How many of you want the “slide to unlock” feature on your S60 phones(especially touchscreen devices like 5800, N97 n OmniaHD)?

Well, now you can, with MyPhone.

Check out my iPho… I mean.. my Nokia N97.

MyPhone only works on S60 OS and it turns your Series 60 phones interface into an ‘i’Phone UI. You can have a smart phone enhanced with TWO user interfaces! Once installed, the first thing you see is the slide to unlock screen. Trust me.. the sliding does work… haha..

The menu will present you with iPhone like icons that gives you access to various features on your phone. You can actually customize it to show 3(or 4) icons in each row in the menu.

They guys at MMMOOO have also added some customized interface and apps in the software like the call screen, RSS reader and the sketch pad.

After using it for a few days, I think MyPhone works very well and also very stable. The sliding menu animation is very smooth… (although there might not be any flicking interface yet).. and I like the fact that we can have the 4th screen all for ourselves… which mean we can fully customize each and every icons on that screen to link to any apps we want.

Check out the video below.

Interested? SymbianpOp will be giving out 5 MyPhone licenses on 26 June 2009 for 5 lucky readers… remember to check out SymbianpOp to get yourself a full version of the MyPhone app!)

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I got to play with the Nokia N97 at the recent Nokia Developer Summit 09 at Monaco and I’d like to say thanks to WenDee and Julien Fourgeaud for giving a very detailed runthough of the device.

Here’s my simple review of it.. after playing for 15 minutes. Heh.

The N97 that I got to play with was the black variant. I personally prefer the white one. Well, the body was very solid as there were no creaks when squeezed. The green and red touch buttons were very responsive while giving haptic feedback when pressed.

One thing that disturbed me was the tilt screen. The angle of the tilt was too steep that I had to bend my hands down a little in order for the screen to face me directly. This also means that I cannot get a clear view of the keyboard since it has been tilted down. Hope you know what I mean.

As the N97 I played was still a pre-production set, the backlight of the full qwerty keyboard was not working but everything else was OK. The speaker was as loud as the 5800. It’s a fingerprint magnet but I am sure it will not be that obvious on the white one.

Check out the video below.

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Pizero has made a new theme(again!) and this one can surely bring your mornings some light. lol

The latest theme is called Sunrise and its made for both S60v3 and S60v5 devices.

It’s my current theme (although my favourite is still the Fring theme)

Click here to download this theme for S60v3 (N96, N85, N78 etc) and S60v5 (5800 & N97) phones!

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Hi all, finally a native Twitter client is released for S60 phones like N96, N85, N79, 5800 etc.

Just launched today on their website, Gravity spots a fantastic interface and is a full featured Twitter client that supports multiple accounts, Twitter Search, Laconica and TwitPic.

What an awesome interface on the 5800. Haha… On the main screen you get access to your timeline, Twitter search, images(from your phone) and an option to add a new account.

More screens! Timeline and Replies screen… of course there are others like “followers, favourite, own tweets”

Simply click on each twit and it opens up a submenu using the accordian style effect which gives you options to reply, retweet, unfollow, and buttons to visit links mention in the twit you selected.

Here’s 2 screnshots of Gravity on non-touch S60 phones.

Check out this video below of Gravity on my 5800…. recorded using another 5800. lol

Go download the trial version of Gravity now!

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Hello! Here’s a step by step guide on how to set videos as your ringtones. This feature is available in most S60 phones like N96, N95, N85, N78, 5320XPM, E71, 5800XPM etc etc etc etc etccc……

Below are the 3 simple steps along with screenshots from 2 different phones.

Step 1: Go to your media gallery and locate your videos.

Step 2: Select your video and click on Options > Use file/use video > Set as ringtone.

That’s all! It’s that simple. Alternatively, you can also get this option while the video is playing.

Besides assigning the video as ringtone, you can also specifically assign it to a certain contact in your phonebook.

That’s all. So what videos will you use as your ringtone? :D

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Nokia Conversations has posted up a new theme created by the OVI team. This new blue theme comes with it’s own ringtone and message tone. Definitely worth checking out.

Although it’s said to be compatible with S60v3 devices(N96, N85, N78, etc), it can actually be used perfectly on s60v5 phones like the 5800 XPM! (but I couldn’t find the ringtones in my 5800.. hmm)

Do download the OVI Blue theme from Nokia Conversations website yea!

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I’ve been trying out Buddycloud for a few days now and I think it is a very very good app.

It allows you to update your friends on what you are currently doing (kinda like Twitter) but better!

Buddycloud adds context to the places you visit in the real world and makes it fun and easy to share these on sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can bookmark and tag locations that mean something to you. For eample: Home, The Pub, Joe’s House and Favourite Coffee Shop.

It tell’s your friends where you went, where you are now, and where you are going next! (That’s of course if you allow your location to be updated in your status.)

As you move around, Buddycloud automatically places you back at previously saved bookmarks, and updates your Buddycloud friends, Facebook and Twitter. It also shows you other people and places nearby. Short status messages can also be pushed into twitter.

Buddycloud is also about knowing where you were in the past and future. A simple future location can also be set. A simple example:

  • Status message: Wow, that was a long week. Anyone up for a pint? (also pushed to Twitter and Facebook)
  • Previous place: Work
  • Current place: On the road in Southwark
  • Next place: The Anchor Pub

One thing I really like about this application is that it constantly updates the list of people nearest to me so I can make friends with other Buddycloud users in the same city, town, state and even country! (See how it tells me the distance between me and another user in Muar, Malaysia.)

Buddycloud is slightly different to other friend-finder type services. It uses multiple location sources. Cell Towers, WiFi, GPS and bluethooth can be used in combination. This means that it works well indoors where GPS based solutions fail. It also incorporates group chats so that you can chat with other people in the area.

I clicked on the 4th tab and I see lists of groups that I can join in the conversation… with this feature, I can chat with anyone anytime anywhere! (make sure you have unlimited data plan so you wont get charged a bomb by your telco)

Here’s a screenshot of one ofthe groups I was chatting in.

Buddycloud is not only for Nokia 5800, it is also supported by all Nokia Nseries and other Symbian phones like N96, N73, N95, 6210, and even Samsung Innov8!

Get Buddycloud now!… don’t forget to add me! My ID is “smashpOp”… or if you are in Malaysia, just click on the “friends nearby” tab and you will see my name there.

Go download it now!

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I specially made this banner for discussions and posts on apps for S60 5th edition phones like the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and the N97.

First up, Nokia Hongkong has put up a lot of applications for the 5800 on their website.

Apps include Touch Piano, Avatar SMS, Touch Guitar, TVB Widget, Mail for EXchange and Touch Manouver.

If you have the 5800 currently, then go and download these apps NOW!

If you dont have one yet… then you will have to wait for it to be launched in your country and buy it and then install these apps k? lol

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic apps on Nokia HK

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Here’s a video of the unboxing process taken from

Another new Nseries device sees the light of day. Get a first look at the N79 and everything that comes with it.

Down by the river, the N79 gets unboxed and filmed by another N79.

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Recently I found out something that I have missed all these while, something that I have always seen in my previous Symbian phones but didn’t bother to explore… hahaha… it’s theme effects.

Tools > Settings > General > Personalisation > Themes > General > Options > Theme Effects.

Basically it does nothing more than adding animations to your menus, icons and screen rotation (depending on the theme that you are using).

Speaking of themes… here’s my current favourite theme.

It’s called Nighty Purple by Cuff. I like the dark background, the light purple selection background for icons.

You can download it for free if you like. Just click here.

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This is my 5th post on Nokia 5800.

So when I got to preview it, I told myself… not to forget to try the browser and maps!
… but in the end I did try both but I didnt take photos and videos of the browser.

Anyways, I did try the maps for a while though.

It was actually kinda slow when opening Nokia Maps… probably cos they still haven’t refine it in the prototype firmware.

Basically it’s the same Nokia Maps and interface as the one on current Nseries models. Same menu, same search bar, same zoon and unzoom buttons. I’ve only tried the map view. Left out the satellite view.

To move around the map, we only need to use our finger to touch and drag the map around. Touch the ‘+’ sign to zoom in and the ‘-’ sign to zoom out. Moving around the map was super slow. As well as zooming. Really hope this will be fixed in newer firmwares.

Here’s a video.

Prefer to watch it on Youtube? Click here.

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I have 2 news for you. Good news and Bad news.
Which one do you wanna know first?

According to Reuter’s Paul Bolding, the most talked about Nokia phone, the latest XpressMusic model, will be released for 7 countries by year end.

Good news:

The 5800 XpressMusic will be release in India, Indonesia, The United Arab Emirates, HongKong, Taiwan, Russia and Spain by year end.

Bad news:

You will have to wait til 2009 if you are not from the 7 countries mentioned. HAHA


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This is my 4th post on the 5800.

Here are some photos of the device playing a video.

Looks damn good when watching videos on the wide screen eh?

Trust me… I witnessed it and the moment the video was played…. I nearly fainted… cos it was DAMN NICEEEE… not forgetting the super loud stereo speakers.

Now why is the 5800 so conveniently placed on the table? Did you realise it? Haha…

This is because, other than getting the cool casing, this 5800 stand is also provided in the package so that you can enjoy videos on the big screen while holding popcorn on your left hand and soft drinks on the other.

Somehow it reminds me of a photo frame stand. Haha…

OK here’s a video of the 5800 playing video… MUST WATCH!.. oh in the video I will show you where the speakers are… so watch out for that!

Prefer to watch it on Youtube? Click here.

In the video above, you will notice 3 empty buttons on the right side of the screen when the video was played. This is because the software is still under development as the 5800 is still under prototype stage.

Do you want to see more of 5800? Please leave a comment if you do.. or else I’ll go on with some other stuff instead :D

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Continuing from my previous post, this would be my opinion and thoughts on the gameplay of Star Wars.

The main character in this game, (that guy that you are controlling) moves by himself. All we need to do is to defend him and also make him fight. Haha.. sounds easy.. but its actually not.

The game uses a so called new technology for players to interact with the character in it called Cellweaver.

Cellweaver basically means users perform different keypresses in order for the game character to perform different tricks. The keypresses revolves in the 9 grid positions, up, down, left, right, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right and center. This can be achived by either using the keypad, or the navigation pad.

In this game, you play the apprentice for Darth Vader and your mission is to kill the remaining jedis and in the end… erm……… yea that’s for you to find out. ahaahha

The game moves from one scene to another and in each scene you will encounter different foes that requires different attack force to defeat them…

Some of the attack forces are Grip, Push, Pull and Lightning. You will also eventually learn some defence forces like Heal, Protect and Speed.

It’s a very very addictive game and I can guarantee that once you start playing this game, you will never feel like stopping.. (unless your phone runs out of battery.. lol)

Here’s a video to show you how exiciting the game is… also listen to music and sound effect yea.

Gameplay rating: 8/10

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Hi all, I have been filling up my free time with a lot of light saber action these few days and I have finally completed the new Star Wars game on the N-gage. Woot!

Ok let me tell you about the interface and graphics in today’s post.

The menu has a few layers… starting off with Play, Journal, Ranking, Help, Options, N-gage, About and Exit. Each option branches to sublayers and that again, branch to another sub sub layer.

Moving from one option to another is super fast and doesnt lag at all.(A lot of games do… probably cos this is specially made for N-gage)

Oh one thing I like about this game is that one can set the volume by pressing the volume buttons on the side of the phone.. (again.. 90% of the games out there dont allow tihs)

The graphics is superb… seriously, I have never played a game on a mobile phone with such good quality graphics.. can you see how real it is? the last photo looks just like a scene from Star Wars movie…

The sound effect is superb… every action is matched with a sound with totally no lag at all… the swoosh created by the light saber, the background music, and the explosion sounds… made it feel more like a movie than a game…

Graphics & audio wise, I rate it 9.5/10.

Next post: Gameplay!

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