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So the most talked about game recently has just been made available on the Ovi Store and most of us were actually quite excited about this game. Here’s a brief intro on the game and some of my opinions.

It’s basically a top down style racing game with a twist. It lets you to race on a track selected by you, either using the predefined ones or your own location by utilsing the GPS to find out where you are and the roads around you.

Once you are in, you will have to select online mode or offline. Pick the first one if you want to use your current location as a racing track.

In offline mode, you can select a country of your choice, select the starting point from the “animated” map and then start off the race.

When I first saw this I was not amazed, as I was expecting to see the real Nokia Ovi maps (thinking that it should be integrated with each other) but all we get is just a simply block and path kinda maps with dots.

The gameplay is very simple. No acceleration. No braking. All you can do is just steer left or right by tapping the icons on both sides of the screen. I like how the little car drifts though haha but expect a lot of oversteer and slides…. and do you notice how pixelated the graphic is? I dont understand why is the game so “basic” but anyways its a free game so we cannot complain much.

Check out the video I recorded below.

Wanna get Ovi Racing on your phone? Click here now to get it free from the Ovi Store!

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One of the most innovative game from Ovi is about to emerge…

It’s a game based on GPS location, maps and your driving skills.


Basically when you launch the game, it will detect your location via GPS and then present you the map of the area you are in and then you can start racing in your neighbourhood.

Here are more screenshots of the game.

The game will soon be available for download, so for now, enjoy the game trailer first.


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