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Yay to another widget to add to the collection.

Russell Beattie has created a very simple search widget for N97 and 5800, called Q Search. Q is short for Quick. So basically you know roughly what this widget does. To provide quick search.

Russell also added the ability to the widget to be added to the N97 homescreen. According to him, this widget only took him about a couple of hours of work and it only has 30 lines of code. Wow.

Once the widget is launched, you will see a javascript pop up that let’s you enter your search query. Adding a letter and a space before the search text lets the widget know where you want to search from. G = Google, W = Wikipedia, V = Video(Youtube), I = Images(Google), T = Twitter and D = Definr Dictionary.

Press OK after typing the search text will open the browser. Here’s a sample of the result after i searched for “G Symbianpop”. (Search Google for ‘Symbianpop’)

Download Q Search Widget here.

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