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Nokia has recently launched a new Eseries to replace the E63 that caters to the mass market.

Overview of Nokia E5: Connect seamlessly to the people in your professional and personal lives through instant messaging, email and your favourite online social networks.

I just got it yesterday and before I start using/reviewing it, here are some photos and video of the unboxing.

I realised that the packaging is quite compact and is made of recyclable material. Eco friendly. Nice.

The package comes with manuals, earphones, battery, USB adapter/charger, OVI booklet and the Nokia E5 itself… pretty standard.

The E5 has 5 colour variations; Carbon Black, Chalk White, Copper Brown, Silver Grey, Sky Blue.. this one I have here is the Chalk White version.

It has a 5 megapixel camera with zoom up to 3x (digital) & an LED flash. One of the drawbacks is that there is no autofocus.

Thickness compared to an X6. The E5 screen is 2.36″ with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA) & supports up to 256,000 colours.

Some notable features of the E5:
- Get work emails in real time through Mail for Exchange and IBM® Lotus Notes® Traveler.
- Keep chatting while on the go. All your favorite IM communities—Windows Live Messenger,™ Yahoo!® Messenger, Google Talk™ and Ovi Chat
- Stay close to your friends on Facebook – view their status and send a message directly from your contact list.
- View and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents using the Quickoffice application.


OK More features and reviews will be up soon.
The Nokia E5 is now available at all stores for only RM830. Very very affordable for a device with such features.

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How do you get one?
Easy! It’s available online and you can read it anytime you want.

Nokia has finally decided to produce an e-zine featuring its services like Ovi Store, Ovi Maps, Comes With Music and many others to provide tips, guides and explanation for each and everyone of them to the users.In the magazine, one can find stuff like setting up mail, downloading music with Ovi Player, uploading media with Ovi Share, app reviews, steps on using Ovi Maps and more.

With the e-zine titled “Your guide to Ovi Nokia”, hopefully users will get a better understand of the whole picture and the services and devices Nokia produced to the market.

Read the magzine here

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So the most talked about game recently has just been made available on the Ovi Store and most of us were actually quite excited about this game. Here’s a brief intro on the game and some of my opinions.

It’s basically a top down style racing game with a twist. It lets you to race on a track selected by you, either using the predefined ones or your own location by utilsing the GPS to find out where you are and the roads around you.

Once you are in, you will have to select online mode or offline. Pick the first one if you want to use your current location as a racing track.

In offline mode, you can select a country of your choice, select the starting point from the “animated” map and then start off the race.

When I first saw this I was not amazed, as I was expecting to see the real Nokia Ovi maps (thinking that it should be integrated with each other) but all we get is just a simply block and path kinda maps with dots.

The gameplay is very simple. No acceleration. No braking. All you can do is just steer left or right by tapping the icons on both sides of the screen. I like how the little car drifts though haha but expect a lot of oversteer and slides…. and do you notice how pixelated the graphic is? I dont understand why is the game so “basic” but anyways its a free game so we cannot complain much.

Check out the video I recorded below.

Wanna get Ovi Racing on your phone? Click here now to get it free from the Ovi Store!

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Nokia Conversations has recently posted a new video promoting the OVI Store and showcasing a few key apps like Facebook, Qik and Gravity.

The video was directed by Hiro Murai, a music video director who has worked with The Fray and Bloc Party and produced by Partizan, Michel Gondry’s award winning production company. The style of the video is imaginative and fun, as they try to stay away from the typical tech promo videos.

According to Nokia Senior Marketing Manager, John Bartleson: “We want to get people excited about all the amazing things they can do with their Nokia by using the great content available through Ovi Store.”

Enjoy the video

What do you think of the video?


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One of the most innovative game from Ovi is about to emerge…

It’s a game based on GPS location, maps and your driving skills.


Basically when you launch the game, it will detect your location via GPS and then present you the map of the area you are in and then you can start racing in your neighbourhood.

Here are more screenshots of the game.

The game will soon be available for download, so for now, enjoy the game trailer first.


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Are you a music buff? Do you love music as much as er… food? Nokia Malaysia is currently looking for 50 people to become the Nokia Music Explorers and enjoy unlimited access to over a million tracks via the latest Nokia music device.

What’s this about?

The 50 selected explorers will be amongst the first to preview Nokia’s Comes With Music service and the new Nokia X6 32GB music device.

A complimentary 1 year account subscription will give you unlimited access to over millions of tracks available on Nokia Ovi Music.

To apply, simply answer a survey and 50 people will get selected to become the Nokia Music Explorers and will be able to attend an event on 14th January 2010.

Click here to apply now!

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This is gonna be one very sad news from Nokia. According to them in the latest N-gage blog post, Nokia will be shutting down the N-gage gaming service under the OVI umbrella by 2010 and they will ‘no longer publish new games for the N-Gage platform’. That doesn’t mean the end of the gaming segment for Nokia because according to the same blogpost, the games will be provided via its Ovi Store service instead.

Some important notes on this:

  • Nokia will no longer publish new games via the N-Gage service. Instead games will be made available via the Ovi Store.
  • N-Gage games can be purchased until September 2010. Other parts of the N-Gage service, including N-Gage Arena, will be availale throughout 2010.
  • The N-Gage application will continue to ship on some older devices. However new devices will not ship with the N-Gage application.
  • All current N-Gage will continue to work. The online (Arena) elements will continue to work throughout 2010. However, subsequently, the online elements of N-Gage games will no longer work.
  • Nokia’s future gaming strategy will be based on Ovi Store distribution.

Looking back at some games I really loved playing on the N-gage…

Dance Fabulous

Age of Empires 3

Metal Gear Solid

… and many more.

Thanks Nokia for bringing us a revolutionary gaming service since 2003 and hope the OVI Store will create a new wave in the industry.


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I have mentioned this a hundred times yet I think I still have not mentioned enough of how much I love the themes produced by Pizero.

Remember the last theme he brought for us was Solstice, but that was months ago.

Few days back Pizero released one of his latest themes called Ovi.

The idea is adapted from Nokia’s Ovi suite of services of course and check out screenshots for S60 touch and non touch devices here.

Download Ovi theme for S60v3(N96, N78, N85, E71 etc) and S60v5(5800, 5530, N97) devices now!

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One of the more recent addition to the Ovi Store is the Bing widget.

Bing is a new search engine by Microsoft. It has similar features to Google like Web search, image search, video search, news search etc.

The widget, which is now available for FREE download on OVI Store is compatible with S60v3 & S60v5 devices. You can get it by pointing your PC or phone browser to

Here’s a screenshot of the Bing widget on Nokia N96. As you can see, search results are categorised in tabs.

The widget looks and works the same on the touch version of S60 devices like 5800 & N97.

Get the Bing widget for your phone now!

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We’ve all heard of it… waited for it.. and now it’s finally live! Ovi Store… is the one stop shop for Nokia users to download apps, ringtones, videos, games and many other interesting contents for the mobile.

OVI Store is for all Nokia users.. be it an S60 or S40 device

You can visit the store using your PC at but it is recommended if you view it using your phone browser as you can directly download apps without the need to send the SMS link to your phone(if you are on PC).

Be sure to get yourself an OVI username (if you still havent got one).. cos you need it to sign in to Ovi Store to download contents to your own phone or send to your friends.

Here are some screenshots I took when I was surfing Ovi Store on my 5800. Upon arriving on the site, you will be prompted to download and install the Ovi Store app for better and smarter experience. So I did. As you can see on the 2nd screenshot, I was signing in to my OVI account. You can do that by scrolling down to the bottom of the page in the app.

This is how the app looks like on the 5800. Touchscreen experience is always the best.. ahahhaah (cant wait for the BETTER experience on the N97.. lol).. ya so you can surf around to look for the contents that you like. The green tabs on top categorises the apps to games, apps, recommended, my stuff, personalisation and audio & video. Once you click on an app that you are interested in, it will switch to the screenshot on the left.. more info about the content and buttons to download and send to friend. If it’s a paid app then you will see the option to buy.

Do check out the all new OVI store now!

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Tero Ojanpera, Exec VP, Entertainment and Communities, Nokia, spent 45 minutes talking about developing for the era of Social Location.

He basically tells the developers how Nokia is opening up the platform so that apps can be built and distributed in order for users to discover. They are also opening up the OVI platform’s API and that will allow 3rd party developers to utilise it and easily plug into the OVI Share network.

Soon users will have the chance to upload photos, videos and other media to social networks like flickr, facebook, OVI etc and this can be done at the same time instead of uploading them to the networks one after another.

Nokia N97 SDk was also released so developers can build apps, take over the front screen and inform users on their latest updates and ‘new things’. The front screen is live and dynamic. Users do not need to open apps to find out details of things they constantly want to know about.

Here’s a video of this talk.

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Nokia Conversations has posted up a new theme created by the OVI team. This new blue theme comes with it’s own ringtone and message tone. Definitely worth checking out.

Although it’s said to be compatible with S60v3 devices(N96, N85, N78, etc), it can actually be used perfectly on s60v5 phones like the 5800 XPM! (but I couldn’t find the ringtones in my 5800.. hmm)

Do download the OVI Blue theme from Nokia Conversations website yea!

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Nokia beta labs recently published the new Share Online app on their website as sneak preview of what the final product will be like.

With this application you can share your pictures and videos on Ovi directly from your phone. You can also keep track of the latest comments and pictures sent by your friends. Share Online also works with several other image sharing services like Flickr and Vox.

Left: Transfers and comments alert can be seen from the active standby screen.
Right: Composing an upload.

Here are some of the new things that you will notice in Share Online 4.0 beta:

  • Improved upload/download experience. You don’t need to wait for your photos to be uploaded before uploading the next one. You can refresh your feeds, add comments, or even exit the application while the uploading is still in progress.
  • Outbox. You can see a list of pending uploads, as well as review, cancel or retry specific uploads. You can also use the Outbox to keep track of which photos and videos you have already uploaded.
  • Economic sharing. If you don’t have an affordable data plan, you can disable the use of cellular data in the Share Online settings, and queue your photos and videos to be uploaded as soon as a free WLAN connection is available. In addition, there are data counters available, in case you want to keep track of your cellular data usage.
  • Active standby indicators. Your outbox info is visible and accessible in your active standby screen. If you prefer, you can also remove these indicators.

Left: Upload/download transfer indicator.
Right: After uploading our media, we can view them in this menu that links to our OVI gallery online.

Currently this version of Share Online is only available for N96, 6220 Classic, 6210 Navigator and 5320 XpressMusic.

Download Share Online 4.0 here

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The event was held last night at Damansara around 730pm. The purpose of the Ovi Insider Night was to expose and inform bloggers and media on Nokia’s development in Ovi, a fleet of services to ease our lives.

I arrived 15 minutes earlier and got the chance to talk to Vlasta Berka, General Manager Nokia Malaysia about current Nseries issues and Ovi of course.

He gave a short speech welcoming the guests and invited Mr. Nelson Wee, Head of Portfolio Management & Ovi, from Singapore to introduce us to OVI and its offerings.

We were introduced to services like Share on Ovi, Files on Ovi and Ovi Sync. I will blog about these services in my upcoming posts.

This is Mr. Stanley Gan, Software and Services Manager Nokia Malaysia, demonstrating to us how to sync our contacts, calendar, notes, email and multimedia contents between our phones and the website.

The services offered were very impressive and got us talking and discussing about it the whole night. We got the hands on experience on the services too.

Here’s an intro video to OVI. Check it out.

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Hi all,

Firstly, I’d like to thank Nokia for inviting me for a special preview of their upcoming device, the 5800 XpressMusic touchscreen phone.

According to Nokia, the target audience for this phone is the mid range market and youths. The price is 279 Euro before tax.

As usual, there has to be a photo of me holding the device. ahah

The 5800 will feature a screen with resolution 640*360px. It’s is also called the nHD screen because it is basically 1/9th of a HD screen. Let me show you a diagram I drew prior to this post.

The 5800 will be the first S60 touchscreen phone from Nokia and it will also be the most advanced XpressMusic device in it’s category.

Some of the features of the 5800 includes the new S60 5th edition and the latest version of the Symbian OS, 3.2mpx Carl Zeiss Optics camera, 30fps DVD-like video recording, dual LED flash and GPS.

Connectivity wise, it supports 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth and USB.

3.2inch wide screen… dual speakers

The top part of the phone spots an on/off button, 3.5mm headphone jack and a micro USB port.

The phone will come in 3 XpressMusic colours… yes you’ve guessed it. haha… red, blue and grey.

As you can see, the right side of the phone places the camera shutter button, touchscreen slider lock and the volume/zoom keys.

2 new innovations I like about the 5800.

- Haptic feedback: It feels very different from the other touchscreens I’ve tried. This one doesn’t feel like vibration. It feels more like erm… a 0.5mm nudge.. which feels a lot more solid than the rest. (Edit: The haptic felt like a general one.. not specifically at the spot you touch)

- Touch media bar key: Can you see the bright little logo next to the word “XpressMusic” above the screen? Thats the touch sensitive key. Once touched, the quick access media bar will appear.. (the red vertical bar in the photo) and gives access to Music, Photos, Share Online, Videos and Internet.

I’m sure by now you would have noticed the 4 little photos on the main screen.

You can actually set the photos to display the 4 most frequently contacted person so when you touch on their faces, the call logs, sms history and RSS feeds will be shown respectively in tabs.

The 2 keys at the bottom of the screen are dial pad and phonebook respectively.

Now ready for some videos?

In this post, I will show you guys 2 videos.

Video 1: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic accessing OVI Share Online.

Prefer to watch it on Youtube? Click here.

Video 2: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic playing music.

Prefer to watch it on Youtube? Click here.

What do you think of my preview post?
Do you like how the 5800 looks like?
Leave me a comment to tell me what’s on your mind.

NEXT UP!!! Playing VIDEOS on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic touchscreen phone.

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Hi all.

Do you share your photos and videos in Facebook? Flickr? Youtube? or even the new Nokia Social sharing site, OVI?

Well, you can now transfer your medias easily to your own social sharing websites via SHOZU!

It supports most of the websites and it integrates nicely with your phone!( yes, not only Symbian)…

I’ve tried it and i think its very easy to use and I can even update my Twitter using it! ahaha

There’s more to explore in this lil application. Why dont you try and share your experience with us?

Get SHOZU for your phone now!

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Nokia recently announced “Maps on OVI” and it’s a web component that you can use side by side with the new Nokia Maps 2.0.

Screenshot from All About Symbian

Users can now plan routes on the PC and sync it with Nokia Maps 2.0 on the phone before going out.

One can also save landmarks, record routes etc and sync i back to the PC when they are home.

More info on OVI at

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We got the chance to have a short discussion about OVI and the whole idea about the newly launched services with them on the 2nd day of Nokia Showcase 08.

From the discussion, we got a clearer view of a few things on OVI.

- Nokia is venturing into offering services in 2008.
- Most of us are involved in communities nowadays and these revolves around imaging, communites and messaging.
- That is why Nokia launched Share on OVI as a step to integrate all the things we need in one single hub.
- Instead of uploading photos to Flickr, videos to Youtube and making friends in some other community site, why not just do it all in one place?

- I raised a question on what is the real definition of OVI, since is just a part of it. What else is coming? Gautam’s reply was “Think of OVI as a mall… with lots of shops in it providing different services to users. Share on OVI is just one of the shops. There are more to come”

Chris showing us how to upload an image taken using the camera to

With Share on Ovi, users can now upload and share media files with anyone with just simple clicks from your mobile phone, web or PC. Share on OVI supports document files too. In fact, it supports up to more than 100 types of file formats, according to Chris.

The discussion then ended and we proceeded to another meeting room for another session of interview.

Next up: What’s the buzz with Ngage?

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