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I think this is the best Nseries photo I have ever taken. hhahah

Anyways, seems like we are very much informed about the new Nseries models inside out by now. Which one suits you best? This is my thought on which models suits who.

Nokia N96: For people who loves everything big. Big screen, big memory and big size. Haha… well i think it attracts the male users more. I wont say it’s for video lovers cos apparently all Nseries are capable of playing videos. I’d suggest you get the N96 if you are a guy, loves everything big and fancies edgy designs.

Nokia N85: For those who loves design, likes everything that looks artsy and at the same time loves the latest smartphone features, The N85 is more appealing to females cos of the smaller size and the curvy edges. Buy it if you are:
- a male who loves sleek and slim smartphones…
- a female who loves sleek and slim smartphones… haha

Nokia N79: I think it’s made for people who loves quick meals, quick dates and everything else which is fast. A youngster would actually buy it cos of the Xpress-on covers. Hm… well, it’s basically made for everyone. It’s a general phone that has the same great features as the 2 mentioned above. Buy it if you don’t want to spend too much on smartphones… or you love simplicity and flexibility.

Somehow I sound like a fortune teller…

Oh well.. let’s view a video of N96 playing video. lol.

The N96 plays video very well. Now that Nokia introduced the kickstand… I felt weird viewing video on the other Nseries models because I cannot watch the videos on the table.. I had to hold it.. cos no kickstand! hahah I think it really makes a big difference.

This is a video showing how the XpressOn covers affect the theme change on the N79.

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The photo above is to show you the difference of the back cover + camera for the 4 models, N78, N79, N85 and N96.

Watch the video below.. it’s a demo to show you how good the navi-wheel on the N79 is… oh and the animation of the interface transitions.

I think the navi-wheel on the N79 works better than the 85… probably the firmware on the 79 is more stable? I am not too sure. The one thing I notice is that the navi-pad is totally different… there must be a reason why Nokia made it that way.

The transition, as you can see, is very smooth and fast. For those whom have loved the N78 or N82 should upgrade to this.

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Hi boys and girls, today we are going to learn about thickness.

See this image below.

Do you know which one is the thickest?

OK some of you guys might want to know how is the experience like watching videos on the N85…. before I give my opinion, let’s watch a very educational clip of a video being played on the N85.

Watching video on the N85 is great, with the AM OLED screen and the stereo speakers, I can really imagine me watching videos on the device in the future (if i happen to own one).

The speakers are very loud but the sound never breaks.. which is good. The screen response rate is very fast, resulting in very clear videos. Probably cos the video I played was encoded well… but nonetheless, its a great device to play videos…. hmm now where’s the kickstand when I need it the most.

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I got to re-experience the new Nesries models yesterday along with some of their siblings. I had the N78, N79, N82, N85 and the N96 all on the table.

As you can see in the photo, N79 and N78 has almost the similar length(or height, for some people) and the N85 to the N96.

I was focusing more on the N85 yesterday. I realised in this prototype model, the key presses sometimes does not trigger the actions and I had to press a few times.

The screen, well once again i’d like to say.. that its the best screen i’ve ever seen on a Nokia. The colour is super vibrant, very realistic and very clear. I had to set the N96 screen to the brightest in order to catch up with the N85’s screen which was just set to medium brightness.

Here you can see the 3 candybar Nseries. Can you see how must smaller and thinner the N79 is compared to the N82? All these 2 models have the same 2.4″ screen.

Here’s a video to show you the clarity, brightness and the colour on the N85 screen.

I was actually schocked to see the menu icon animation… never expected Nokia could do this. haha.

Try to hear the sound effect when the slider is pushed up. Another surprise for me cos previously I didnt hear it when I played with it at the N96 launch.

Next up. More videos!

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Performances by Nokia IAC artists.

Cute N79 :D

Asphalt 3D on N-gage on N96

N96 doing its thing.

Thanks all!

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Just came back from the Nokia N96 launch event. Nokia also announced 2 new Nseries models tonight. The N85 and N79.

Finally the long awaited Nokia N96 is launched… but it will only be available in the market from the 2nd week of September.

Nokia N85 was annouced and it will be available in Q4 this year.

The N85 is considered a lighter version of N96 as it also has 5mpx camera, 3.5G, DVD like video recording, Wifi, GPS, Ngage support and more.

The one thing that attracts me is the new AMOLED 2.6inch QVGA display. It’s also the first Nokia device to use such clear, bright and low battery consumption screen.

OK now lets move on to N79.

It’s very similar to the N82. Similar specs, 5mpx camera, 2.4in QVGA display, Wifi, 3G and etc. I think the one thing that is nice on this phone is the xpress on colour covers that comes with the phones. Everytime you put on a new back cover, it will actually trigger the correspondent theme that matches the colour of the cover.

Both N85 and N79 comes with 1200mAh battery.. which is a big improvement from what we are currently using in the Nseries phones (900/950mAh)

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This is the 2nd part of my simple E71 review! aahha

The interface has definitely improved from the previous model. There are now transitions! OMG! ahahaha

One thing that I really like is the word sugesstions built into its T9. It’s something Nokia users has been longing for years!

New messages and emails wont pop up on screen, instead it will appear in the little messaging tab on the main screen.

A video fo me playing with it. Pardon the blur close up recordings.. N82 no autofocus video recording. lol

The gallery for E71 was a bit boring in my opinion, probably it’s because of the old interface that they use instead of the carousel used for Nseries.

Part 3 tomorrow! Size comparison.

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I got the chance to play with the recently announced Nokia E71 and this the first part of my simple review on the phone.

The one I played with was the white version and the moment I held it, it gave me a feeling of total solidness… the whole thing was made out of metal and the front plate was plastic. I’m not a fan of shiny metal so no comment there lol.

The screen is actually the same size as the usual ones on Nseries but they placed it horizontally so users can read more text in 1 line when displaying emails and web.

The back of the phone is made out of textured metal and the camera is placed at the top. The texture allows us to grip it without slipping… which is good.

The keypad gives a good tactile feel and I personally love the 4 shortcut keys to contacts, calendar, messages and menu.

Check back tomorrow for PART 2: Interface and features.

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My freind Ben just got himself a black N82 (woot!) and it’s his first Symbian phone.

He then asked me what are the essential apps to have on an Nseries…

Well, here are the 5 ‘must have’ apps for me. (might work for u too lol)

Yes I know the S60 built in browser now can view flash videos like Youtube… but it’s a lot easier if u can just skip all the browser opening, url typing and video searching. Mobitubia is very simple to use. Lists out the popular videos, featured videos and you can search for videos too.

Get it HERE.

I love to chat on MSN and thanks to Mig33, I can chat all I want.. anytime anywhere! I’ve tried a lot of MSN clients and I think this is the best one for me.

Get it HERE or you can point your phone browser to

Who doesnt love widgets? haha… Widsets allows us to install widgets of all kinds into our lil multimedia computers…(eg:wikipedia, weather, blogs, flickr etc). Search thru the library of widgets and pick them and wallah! They appear on your phone screen!(of course u need a data connection to do this)

Get it HERE.

The built in browser is good, but there ARE some things that it cannot do. Therefore it’s better to have another browser and the best browser for mobile now happens to be Opera.

Get it HERE.

I love Twitter and this is the mobile app for it. It’s called Twibble. With it you can send twitters, direct message your Twitter friends, reply messages and more.

Get it dtsv.dtse_post_70_permalink = ''; dtsv.dtse_post_70_title = '5 essential apps for Nseries'; Follow me on Twitter for more updates! View my personal blog too!


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Do you have an N95? N82? N93? N81?

Do you like to stream live videos from your outings?

Introducing QIK!

Its a website that streams live from you camera phone!.. or better known as “Nokia Multimedia Computers” :P

Launch the Qik application in your phone and it will activate the camera. Select “stream” and watever your camera captures, will be streamed live directly to the website!

as you can see, the live chat in the website will be sent to your phone screen too so you can reply your viewers verbally(since if ur streaming ur probably not in front of your pc to type anyways)

Check out QIK!

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