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I might have been playing and reviewing the N96 every now and then since February… but it’s a very different kinda feeling when I have finally owned one.

As you might know, I was using the N82 before this.. and the N95 before the N82… so I’m already used to some things that are different here on the N96.

… but before that, here’s a lil something I did last night with the N96.

OK Let’s continue.

- Screen: I am very pleased with the 2.8″ screen as I dont have to squint my eyes reading emails or typing SMS… the 0.4″ upgrade from the N82 might not sound like a big deal but it MAKES A BIG DIFF!

- Gallery button: I didn’t like it at first when I was using the N95 cos it was always slow in bringing up my latest captured image/video… but I was using it very frequently when I had the N82.. I’m so used to pressing the gallery button to view my latest photos that I miss it very much now since Nokia took it away from the N96…. oh well more key presses before I reach my photos then..

- The music player keys: It’s nice to see so many keys under the screen as it also means easy access to a lot of things… but I think the music player keys (Play, Stop, Next, Previous) is quite useless. First of all, it only works when the music player is opened and thats it. If it doesnt work on any other time, then why is it lit up? It should only be lit up when the music player is opened then… hmm and it also makes the keys under the screen look very complicated to a normal user.

OK that’s all of my thoughts for now… Will write more soon.

P.s: I’m actually upgrading my N96 firmware to the latest one as i’m typing this…

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