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This is part 2 of our 3-megapixel battle between the Nokia 5800 and iPhone 3Gs.

In this simple battle, we will see the pros and cons of both video camera in a few aspects:
- Recording at infinity distance and zooming
- Focusing and macro recording.

First up, let’s see how both devices fair in recording and zooming.

iPhone 3Gs

Nokia 5800

Verdict: The Nokia 5800 XPM produces clearer and smoother video and has the zooming capability with louder audio reception. iPhone 3Gs on the other hand, cannot zoom and has a less sensitive mic.

Second test: Focusing and macro capabilities.

iPhone 3Gs

Nokia 5800

Verdict: iPhone here has the upper hand as it allows pre-focusing (which is very good for recording at very very short distances) while the Nokia 5800 does not have focus at all (resulting in blur objects and close distances).

What do you think of both cameras? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Remember our post on 5 megapixel camera battle among Nokia N96, N97 and Sony Cybershot a while ago?

This time around, we thought it might be interesting to compare the camera capabilities on iPhone 3Gs and Nokia 5800 since both of them come with a 3megapixel camera (3.2 for 5800).

In this battle we will be looking at the capabilities of both devices to capture portraits, backlit, macro, indoor and low light photos.

Now lets see how these 2 devices fair in the battle. All photos were taken using auto mode and unedited. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Test 1: Portraits

Nokia 5800 iPhone 3Gs

Our verdict: The 5800 produces sharp image but desaturated while the iPhone maintains the natural colour but not as sharp as the one by 5800.

Test 2: Back lit objects

Nokia 5800 iPhone 3Gs

Our verdict: The same thing is happening here. Sharp and desaturated photo by the 5800, but it tries to increase the exposure to bring out the shadows while the iPhone maintains the natural lighting and colour.

Test 3: Macro

Nokia 5800 iPhone 3Gs

Our verdict: It’s quite obvious that the macro shot by the iPhone here is better looking than the one by 5800. Probably because the 5800 tried to bring out the shadows again causing the whole image to overexpose.

Test 4: Indoor with incandescent lighting

Nokia 5800 iPhone 3Gs

Our verdict: I have been having this problem with Nokia cameras since the N82. When it comes to indoor lighting, the photo tends to desaturate. Other than that, everything is fine. Another vote for iPhone here.

Test 5: Low light

Nokia 5800 iPhone 3Gs

Our verdict: This was taken in a very very dark room. The LED flash on 5800 helped in illuminating the objects resulting in very clear and crisp photo while the iPhone [no flash] tried very hard to expose the objects resulting in a very noisy photo.

So there you go! the 3megapixel battle between the Nokia 5800 and iPhone 3Gs.

What do you think of the photos? Which camera do you prefer? Do leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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What’s the buzz around these days?

It has to be none other than the new 5800 upcoming firmware update.

It is believed that the update will add kinetic scrolling, widgets and enhanced homescreen similar to the recently announced Nokia 5530 XPM.

It should look like this if I’m not mistaken, 5530 homescreen + 5800.

As much as we are excited about the kinetic scrolling feature, it only works partially. The homescreen (contacts bar), contact list and the web browser. Well, better than none at all, right? :D

Other updates that comes with the firmware are improved response time and camera performance. The new firmware is expected to be out soon after the launch of the 5530 XPM. So be patient and wait for it yo!

Just in case if you are unaware of the kinetic scrolling and the new homescreen (with contacts bar) of the 5530 XPM, check out these video below.


Kinetic scrolling


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Realise the lack of a countdown timer on the Nokia 5800? Well we have one now! Thanks to Sheludkov for coming out with this app for S60v5 devices.

Besides counting down, you can count up too. Users can freely set the inital value of the timer and start counting from there. Very nice interface I’d say. Want one?

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A human sized working Nokia 5800 XpressMusic has been installed at the Nokia Store in Antwerp, Belgium in conjunction with the launch of the Nokia touch device there.

The gigantic touchscreen has attracted a lot of passerbys to stop and interact with the giant 5800 fiddling with features like Maps, Music and Gallery. People can actually swipe through images, watch videos, look through the list of music by dragging the scrollbar and many other touch interactions exactly like the real 5800 XpressMusic device.

The touchscreen technology on the huge 5800 is developed by this company called Visual Planet.

According to the company that distributed the touchscreen, they used the iWindow Interactive foil combined with unique daylight technology that gives an awesome result even in bright sunlight. They also used the iWindow through glass sound system to play music on the street.

Watch the video below and see how passerbys play and touch the human sized 5800 XpressMusic.


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Have you checked out the Download! folder in your 5800 recently? I spotted 2 new things when I went in last night.

-Bubble Popper Game, and
-WeatherBug widget.

The game is not free, so let’s talk about the widget, which is free for download. ahahah

First thing i like about this widget is that it allows you to switch on GPS so that the widget can fetch the weather for the location you are at. It shows the wind direction along with the speed too.

The 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen is very big. Nice to press using our fingers. It’s a toggle to switch among 3 views, main screen, weekly weather table and the radar animation screen. (It really animates!)

Have a look at these 2 screenshots above. It’s the weekly table and the radar animation.

One more thing though, this widget needs to connect to the Internet in order to work So better get yourself in a wifi hotspot or a data plan yo!

To get WeatherBug, goto Menu > Download! > Apps > Widgets.

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Have you struggled looking for a candle or torchlight when the electricity got cut off suddenly? Fret no more! Here comes PhoneTorch! An app that turns the 5800 camera LED into a torchlight (and more)!

The new version of PhoneTorch app now has Morse code and the option to switch the light colour! (basicaly its just between the LED and the red focusing light)

I’d say the light is bright enough for close distance. Check out this photo below.

Use at your own risk though cos long usage of the LED might just break it. haha but worth a try nonetheless.

(Right click > save link as)

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Remember when the Nokia 5800 was spotted being placed in Christina Aguilera’s ‘Keeps Gettin Better’ Video?

.. and not long after that Britney Spears was using it in her ‘Womanizer’ video (or rather the other way round… but thats not the point)

Now here’s a new one! Spotted in the latest music video of the super hit song “Jai Ho” from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, remixed along with the addition of Pussycat Dolls vocals and dance moves, replacing the song Hindi words with English lyrics, titled ‘You Are My Destiny”.

Watch it here!

I think it’s a nice video. What do you think?

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Nokia Hongkong has recently added a few games into the Applications page for Nokia 5800. Famous games like sudoku, mahjong and big2 are now playable on Nokia’s s60v5 touchscreen devices.

Some of you might get the on-screen keyboard when the game is opened. This will affect the gameplay as it covers half of the game screen.

To remove the onscreen keyboard, go to Settings > App Manager > Installed apps > Find the game that you have just installed > option > suite settings > on-screen keyboard > OFF.

Click to Nokia HK and get these games now!

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The Nokia XpressMusic touchscreen device finally gets a v20 firmware update and seems like it’s not available for all Nokia 5800. I wonder why.

There, it says “v20 available! Get yourself a copy now! *while stocks last” lol kidding.

Fortunately, when I checked on the device update screen, it says that the new version is available to download and install. I quickly installed it over-the-air(OTA) and I was happy to see my phone booted up with all my data and settings intact, thanks to the user data preservation (UDP) feature which was introduced in Nokia N82.

A screenshot of my firmware info after updating.

I noticed some fixes and changes..

  • Geotagging information now available in Camera (finally).
  • Dictionary application added, with support for multiple languages (as first seen on E66 and E71).
  • App. update application added (as first seen on N85 and N79) – this is used to update individual Nokia applications outside of firmware updates.
  • General operation seems smoother, better performance is various applications, including Gallery, plus screen rotations are faster.
  • Playing back Flash/FLVvideos had less hiccups, especially on YouTube.
  • ‘Search’ on the standby screen now searches phone content as well as on the Internet
  • Bigger tabs above messaging menu and everywhere else.
  • New “Downloads” and “Podcasts” icon and refreshed music player interface.

My excitement was then turned off when I realised the ‘Search function’ leads to an ERROR popup. I was shocked to find out that this new feature added in v20 not able to be used.

Apparently you need to soft reset the phone in order to make it work. To do the soft reset, just press “*#7370#* and the lock code is 12345. It will then reset your phone to look like brand new, without your settings and installed apps… that’s why you need to backup your settings, contacts, sms and calendar entries first before doing the soft reset (you can do this by accesing settings > file manager > backup)

I was happy again cos I can now use the ‘Search’ feature to search contents in my phone….

Another nightmare happened. My gallery now freezes everytime I try to open a photo or video. This, I have no solutions to fix. So the only way for me to access my photos and videos now is through the file manager.

Anyone having the same problem as me after updating the firmware? Do let me know.

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Remember the teaser post?

The 5800 XpressMusic was finally launched and went on sale in Malaysia on the 9th January 2009. The launch event took place at Pavilion, one of the trendiest shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur.

The event started at 7pm and the entance of the mall was already crowded with curious passerbys, music lovers and 5800 fans.

There were performances by local acts along with a musical demonstration ala STOMP.

Many audience on the floor were called up on stage to play games and answer questions related to the Nokia 5800 XPM and everyone of them walked away with some Nokia goodie bags + merchandises.

I saw many people buying the 5800 on the event day itself and RM1499.00 is actually a very affordable price for such a powerhouse phone. Good job Nokia!

I then joined the other invited bloggers to the after party makan-makan and drinking session at La Bodega.

Check out this video I recorded of the event using the 5800 itself.

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Pizero has made it again! Fantastic looking new themes for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (also compatible with Symbian Os 3rd edition, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, and Symbian 5th edition, 9.4)


  • Blue Haze and Red Haze are the first 100% optimized themes for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.
  • 100% SVG Themes.
  • PiZero and Flahorn Icon pack included
  • Lite version included, with Nokia standard icons
  • Fits both portrait and landscape modes
  • 100% compatible with Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.
  • For the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, I recommend installing “Lite” version, because the custom icon pack for the 5800 is not yet complete.

Go download red and blue haze for your red / blue 5800 now!

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Let’s have a look at the 5800 video recording quality.

I personally love the ability to record 16:9 widescreen(640*360) videos and that should be the default mode for everyone. aahaha… but I have also mentioned that the video recording is quite bad when its done indoors.

Lets have a look at videos I took yesterday using the different colour modes available, Normal, Sepia and Black & White. (Videos are not edited.. only added background music and captions…. but videos might be compressed a bit)

Normal mode… highest quality

Black & white… highest quality

Sepia mode… highest quality.

Now let’s have a look at how bad the video is when taken indoors.

IT’S THAT BAD. First time i record videos as grainy as this.

So what do you think? Can the 5800 satisfy your video recording needs?

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Have you got your 5800 yet? I know I havent. Cos it will only launch here on 9th January.

Even though it is still not out for most countries, Nokia has already released a firmware update(v11.0.08) to fix quite a number of bugs in the current version.

Changelog from s60inside

  • Homepage is not defined for Vodafone Live!
  • Last word disappears when selecting receiver in SMS
  • My Nokia: phone displays “#” in front of Application name.
  • During Back-Up & Restore operation, calendar entries are not restored
  • Operator menu link within Welcome application
  • Invalid message pops up before playing the file received via Bluetooth.
  • Input Method, VKB just display number when selecting a WLAN access point which contains a password.
  • Chinese box HWR control buttons and FS HWR control bar are too small.
  • Unable to add image to Contact bar from Gallery when there is about 5 GB of data in memory card
  • In Arabic UI, in calendar, the arrows on the top are reversed in week view and day view
  • UI-rotation is too sensitive
  • Search: Google search service is missing in Search.
  • Contact could not display when switch numbers in Singtel 2-in-1 SIM card
  • Maps: Wrong layout of the strings in the Maps search and favorites views
  • Could not send new email if user name and password is not pre-defined
  • Phone drops from service when both A5/3 +GEA3 used simultaneously with WLAN
  • The Messaging application crashes a lot specially when replying or trying to send SMS you have to remove battery to be able to use the device again
  • License Manager for Maps is not integrated to SW
  • 5.0 Touch: Phonebook crashing when adding detail: Birthday, Anniversary
  • Web screen is messed up
  • Non stop Music Player “Library update”
  • Clock, Alarm is inactive when phone is power off.
  • APN Configuration Settings Update to be used for the Setting Wizard
  • Ex-Factory settings are wrong
  • UE unable to open Setting Wizard
  • StartUpSettings version updated.
  • Phone lost correct time during power off
  • USSD – “Call Control Send USSD” command
  • UE drops from 3G, then cannot sync to 3G cells
  • Browser: Flash objects causes problems while browsing

Those of you who are currently having the 5800 please go and update the firmware ok? :D

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I just got a package from Nokia this morning. It’s an invitation to the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic launch in KL.

Here are the details. It’s an open event so anyone who is crazy about the touchscreen device can go and have fun.

In the package there’s a pair of stripe sleeves too! Seems like all the media will be doing some stripstripe dance at the event. Haha

Oh by the way, here are some high quality shots of the 5800 XpressMusic done by DailyMobile.

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Omg this is madness! I don’t know about you but I think this might be the best app for Nokia touch devices so far.

Nokia Beta Labs has rolled out this awesome app called Handwriting Calculator. This app allows you to write out your calculations on the screen and it is smart enough to convert and understand your handwriting and produce the math solution at once.

Watch this video to find out how to work with this brilliant calculator.

Check out Handwriting Calculator and download it for your Nokia 5800 or N800 now!

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I specially made this banner for discussions and posts on apps for S60 5th edition phones like the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and the N97.

First up, Nokia Hongkong has put up a lot of applications for the 5800 on their website.

Apps include Touch Piano, Avatar SMS, Touch Guitar, TVB Widget, Mail for EXchange and Touch Manouver.

If you have the 5800 currently, then go and download these apps NOW!

If you dont have one yet… then you will have to wait for it to be launched in your country and buy it and then install these apps k? lol

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic apps on Nokia HK

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! The date that everyone in Malaysia has been waiting for.

9th January 2009

There will be a super big launch event for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic on that day. Details below:

Friday, January 9, 2009
7:00pm – 11:00pm
Pavilion KL
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic will be on sale at the event itself at Pavilion. Please be there before 8pm.

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I have the sudden urge to write a post to recap the launch of the 5800 XPM launch that took place in Hongkong recently.

Here goes.

On 24th November 2008, Nokia held a launch event featuring 3 famous HK celebrities, William Chan, Lam Fung and Charlene from Twins.

Here are 2 videos taken at the event.

General video covering the performances, the model and the phone.

Cantonese narrated video report done by Scoop TVB.

Some close up photos of the 5800 at the launch.

On 29th November 2008, a Nokia 5800 parade cum celebration was held at night in conjunction with the 5800 going on sale when the clock strikes midnight. Below are some photos.

At midnight, everyone was already queueing to buy the 5800 at phone shops.

This is CRAZY! (All photos above supplied by Keith.)

On 30th November 2008, someone who was at the midnight event bought the 5800 and posted photos of his experience and unboxing process on the net. Check out the photos below.

“Its 11:54pm. I m waiting 4 my 5800 to come^^”

“Yeah! Got You!”

“5800 and accessories in the package”

Thanks hidetoshi for sharing his experience.

So there you go! Super Coverage Post: Nokia 5800 Launch in HK.

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The Nokia touchscreen phone was released silently in Moscow without any big posters or ads being shown and yet the Moscow Flagship Store sold out its entire stock for the 5800 Xpressmusic within just 30 minutes!!! OMG! In addition to that, 900 people had submitted their names in the waiting list.

How I wish that the guy in the photo was me… having the 5800 in my hands at the cashier when everyone staring jealously behind him. heheehehhee

Among the buyers, some camped outside the flagship store for DAYS and on the day the 5800 went on sale, over 150 people were queuing outside trying to get in. Some who were super desperate even tried bribing those people queuing to help them get the 5800 first.

5800 FASTER COME TO MALAYSIA CAN!?!?!??!!?!?!?

Eldar Murtazin, #1 Russian telco analyst and chief editor of Mobile Review was the first to mention that the 5800 went on sale at the store stirred up a big discussion among Russians.

Some quotes from Eldar’s blog: “Sales assistants in the shop don’t remember such a situation. The demand exceeds the supply now so much that those (retailers) who bought the model in bulk have begun changing their attitude and are trying to order more and more. I can’t recall a similar situation; it is an interesting turn of events. And the last funny thing – looks like in the first week of sales this product can sell in bigger volumes than iPhone at official launch. Though it is wrong to compare the products which differ in price… The way of Nokia 5800XpressMusic has begun”.


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