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At the Nokia Connection 09 event currently held at Singapore, Nokia announced the 2nd Xpressmusic touchscreen device, the 5530 and also the successor of E71, one of the best selling Eseries device, the E72.

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic toucscreen

Taking its cue from the Nokia 5800, the 5530 has a full touch interface and a new home screen and Contacts Bar. The phone is now sleeker and smaller in size. Similar to the 5800, it has a large touchscreen with tactile feedback, 3.2mpx camera with LED flash, bluetooth, Wifi and EDGE. It also runs on the same OS as the 5800 and N97, which is Symbian S60 5th Edition.

This music device comes with all the music features one needs. The 5530 comes with a music player for all the stuff you download from the Nokia Music Store; widescreen video playback at 640×360; hot-swappable MicroSD slot (4GB included); and a standard 3.5mm audio plug for your rocking headsets.

The homescreen is all about quick access. The media bar shortcut available on the 5800 is still here on the 5530, but on the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, you can also define 4 shortcuts for the home screen (say, for Facebook or MySpace quick links). Also, one of the big additions, is the new Contact Bar that lets you have up to 20 contacts, making it easy to quickly call or send a message, review conversation history, or follow the contact’s feed. It’s like a quick dashboard on your 20 most important people. What’s more, add a pic to those contacts and your peeps are front-and-center.

Here’s a live shot of the 5530 at the current Nokia Connection 09 event at Singapore taken by Davidlian.

Now check out this hand on video of the Nokia 5530.

The Nokia 5530 XpressMusic should start shipping in the third quarter of 2009 at around €199, retail, before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia E72

The all new Nokia E72 boasts a host of new features including optical scrolling and a 5 megapixel camera. The E72 bring the most successful QWERTY device from Nokia, which was the E71 and makes it even better. It’s super slim at only 10mm thick and has been refined with some sleek design touches and inside the device is treated to a range of user interface improvements too.

The optical navigation key makes scrolling through emails a breeze and also helps bounce around the menus quickly and easily. Imagine it being the optical mouse on your computer, or rather.. the trackball on IBM laptops… or something similar. The camera has been upgraded to a full five megapixels and heavy data users will love the support for up to 10.2Mbps connections over HSDPA. It also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can plug in any headphones you like to the E72.

Nokia Messaging is pre-installed on it (with a lifetime license) and now supports access and easy set up for Instant Messaging accounts including Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Ovi, amongst others. Email set up is even easier than before through Nokia Messaging, Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler.

The E72 also comes with a magnetic compass, similar to the one on N97 and the 6210 Navigator. Maps is integrated and comes with a lifetime walk and 10 days of turn-by-turn navigation, if activated within the first three months. You don’t need to be worried about getting caught in the dark either – a single press on the spacebar key will activate the torch!

Here’s a live photo of the E72 from the same event by Budip

Now check out the hands on video.

The Nokia E72 is expected to begin shipping late in the third quarter of 2009 at an estimated retail price of €350 before taxes and subsidies


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