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This is gonna be one very sad news from Nokia. According to them in the latest N-gage blog post, Nokia will be shutting down the N-gage gaming service under the OVI umbrella by 2010 and they will ‘no longer publish new games for the N-Gage platform’. That doesn’t mean the end of the gaming segment for Nokia because according to the same blogpost, the games will be provided via its Ovi Store service instead.

Some important notes on this:

  • Nokia will no longer publish new games via the N-Gage service. Instead games will be made available via the Ovi Store.
  • N-Gage games can be purchased until September 2010. Other parts of the N-Gage service, including N-Gage Arena, will be availale throughout 2010.
  • The N-Gage application will continue to ship on some older devices. However new devices will not ship with the N-Gage application.
  • All current N-Gage will continue to work. The online (Arena) elements will continue to work throughout 2010. However, subsequently, the online elements of N-Gage games will no longer work.
  • Nokia’s future gaming strategy will be based on Ovi Store distribution.

Looking back at some games I really loved playing on the N-gage…

Dance Fabulous

Age of Empires 3

Metal Gear Solid

… and many more.

Thanks Nokia for bringing us a revolutionary gaming service since 2003 and hope the OVI Store will create a new wave in the industry.


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The N-gage application is finally made available to the N97 worldwide. Previously it was just for certain regions. Of course, someone posted the N-gage app online and I tried installing it and it worked BUT I could not connect to the arena probably it was because of the region difference.

All those were history, as the N-gage app can now be downloaded from the official site itself! (and yes, we can go connect to the arena with this version[v1.30 built 1541]).

No games came preinstalled with app so we have to do it by ourselves. As you can see in the screenshot above, I was in the midst of installing Spore and some other games. To get games, just download them from the games page on the site or the showroom tab in the N-gage application itself.

Once installed, all the games will be listed in the games tab and you can access to any of them with just a simple tap. You can also view your account details and game history too.

In order to submit your scores, chat with your friends and view new games, you have to connect to the Internet and it can be done by just accessing the options menu.

Watch this video as I briefly talk about the app and some games.

Get N-gage for your N97 here!

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Nokia has just added some new updates for the Nokia N97 and we can get them using the SW update app in Menu > Apps.

As reported by many sites, the updates that we should get are:

# Maps 3.1.
# N97 C: Phone memory update.
# N-Gage application 1.3.
# Nokia Messaging 10.0.
# Ovi Contacts 1.2.

As I was trying to get these updates, I saw this:

Nokia Messaging and N97 c: Phone memory update.


I then tried to download the application from N-gage website but they are still hosting the 1.2x version. What a dissapointment.

N97 C: Phone memory update
Its an application to free space on the internal memory of the N97 (C: drive), optimising it for more user memory available for possible SW installation on this drive’.

Anyways, for those of you who are using N97, go get the updates now!

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Dance Fabulous, the one of a kind dance party game is finally out on N-Gage!

It’s a dancing game that lets you dance to your own songs. You can also create your own unique dance moves and boost your music experience to a totally new level!

Connect this game to the network and beat your friends’ score points!

You wont see it on the N-gage website for now, since it’s scheduled launch date is 11th June… but you can get this game now by accessing the “showroom” tab on the N-gage app on your Nokia phones. Just make sure you click on options > update now! :D

Here’s the official trailer for Dance Fabulous.

Check out this video too! It’s Rafe from AllAboutSymbian trying to beat my high score (spot my name Jason G at the high score chart on the left of the LCD) at the Dance Fabulous party, Monaco recently.

Check out Dance Fabulous Official Site now!

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I installed AoE3 on the N96 last night and played around with the trial version. I had kinda low expectation of it since I played the Nintendo DS version and got disappointed as it did not resemble most of the gameplays as the PC version.

Glu has done a great job with this one as it has everything we used to play on the PC; campaigns, skirmish and even multiplayer mode.

WE can play the game in landscape mode but more functionality of the game can be accessed using the numpad. I started the game playing the first campaign which the objectives were to collect 200 wood, build a barrack and train 5 Pikemen. As far as I know, we cant really select the number of settlers or the armies as we wish. There are only 2 options; select one or double click to select all of the same type. Guess we need the mouse in order to be able to select, say… only 3 or 4 citizens… but that’s still fine knowing the restrains of the phone keypads.

Gathering resources works the same as on PC. Plucking fruits for food, cutting trees for wood and mining for gold. Only if we have enough of these resources that we can construct new buildings.

Fight scenes are a little too simple as we cannot really see the actions clearly due to the tiny screen, and there is no fighting sound effects during these actions. The experience would be richer if we can have sound effects for every actions in the game like mining, chopping trees and sword fighting.

Watch the video I recorded below.

Overall I think Age of Empires 3 on the N-Gage platform it not too bad and is worth buying. I will buy it because I used to be a big fan ot RTS games like AoE and CnC.

Checkout Age of Empires 3 now on the N-Gage showroom.

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Nokia has just announced the latest addition ot the Xpressmusic lineup, the Nokia 5630. A super thin music and multimedia focus 12mm S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 phone that supports Ngage.

Available in red, blue and silver, the 5630 comes with 3.5mm headphone jack, 4gb memory card, 3.2mpx camera, 2.2″ screen and dual LED flash.

It has received the people-centric element of Nokia 5800, which is the contacts bar. It can store up to 20 people in the contacts bar and when each one is selected, it will show the latest sms and call history for each contact respectively.

The standard Share on Online is on board, though interestingly, it mentions support to send photos directly to Share on Ovi, Flickr, or even Facebook. (NOW I WANT TO UPLOAD PHOTOS TO FACEBOOK USING MY 5800 TOO!!)

The 5630 XPM comes with wifi, 3g, and a2dp too. Price is about 200euro before tax and subsidies, and is expected to be out in Q2 2009.

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Calling all Asphalt fans… it’s time again for you go visit the N-gage showroom cos Asphalt 4: Elite Racing is out for you to download!

Face the world’s richest drivers in high-speed races through traffic or take on your friends in the exclusive multiplayer mode!

Some screenshots of the game:

Experience amazing 3D graphics and a unique feeling of speed. Choose from 28 licensed dream cars and bikes from the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, such as Ferrari and Bugatti, and zoom through the streets of Monte Carlo, New York, Shanghai, Paris, Dubai, and Beverly Hills to make your mark. Check your rides in your own garage and spend millions on fine tuning them. Take on the police in each city as they try to stop you with roadblocks and helicopters in order to seize your expensive toy. Can you become the ultimate VIP of urban racing?

Check out the gameplay video:

Click here and try Asphalt 4 Now!

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After getting to know about this game since May, Crash Bandicoot is finally out!

The game kinda reminds me of Mario Kart but with lousy graphics. Yes. I am actually quite dissapointed with  the graphics as I have seen better looking N-gage games before this and I expected this to be the same.

Gameplay is great. No lag…. although I keep getting the same power-ups(missile, oil and shield) oh yeah in this game you get power-ups to help you attack other players or to speed up.

Anyhow, I would recommend you to go download the trial and only buy it if you think it’s worth yea.

Download it here at Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kard 3D page.

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Yes! It’s out!.. but it has not been made available on the N-gage website yet.

The only way to download the game is through the N-gage app on your phone. Go and view the showroom and you will get to see the Resident Evil game.

Watch this video of the game.

I’ve actually gone through the hassle the download the file off the app and you now can click on the download button below to get the exe file.

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Was surfing the N-gage site just now to find out that 2 of my favourite games are coming to the N-gage platform!

Go head-to-head with Spielberg’s BOOM BLOX! Slide on ice blocks, blast blocks with bombs, and bounce off springs to solve brain-twisting puzzles and level the playing field. Enjoy non-stop fun as you advance through forty levels and reach your target score. Master the in-game puzzles then design your own custom creations with the level editor. Blast ‘em with BOOM BLOX!

This is how it looks like on N-gage.

Check out the trailer for BoomBlox (Wii version) to get a rough idea how the game will be like.

The 2nd game is Metal Gear Solid, which I think does not need anymore introduction.

METAL GEAR SOLID MOBILE features dramatic 3D art displays and camera work that greatly surpasses the quality standard of today’s mobile games. Players will face the extreme tension of solitary infiltration in this version of the tactical espionage action game.

Here’s a screenshot.

Check out the trailer for MGS Mobile on N-gage.

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Hooray for N78 and 6210 Navigator users as Nokia has extended the compatibility of N-gage platform to these 2 devices.

Now more people can play games like Reset Generation, System Rush, ONE, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.. and many more!

Click these 2 buttons below if you have any one of the 2 mentioned devices.

Alternatively, you can point your phone browser to and select your phone model from the list.

Other phones compatible with the platform include the 5320 XpressMusic, N79, N81, N81 8GB, N82, N85, N95, N95 8GB and N96

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Hello there… I guess it’s fun to list out what I do daily with my N96… as in the main things I do… calls and SMS not included in this list.

So every morning, my alarm wakes me up.

I usually set a few alarm times so that it will make noise at different times to slowly wake me up.

Then off to work I go.

When I’m stucked in the traffic jam, I will check on all my bookmarks using the built in browser. Sometimes I hope I get stucked in the traffic longer so that I can check each and every site that I bookmarked. lol

When I am in the office, I will lift out the kickstand, switch on my video podcasts and place my N96 under my LCD monitor so that I can watch while doing my work. Dual screen? Soft of. :D

When I’m off work, I sometimes go meet my friends for dinner or movies. Then I’ll open Friend View, update my location and status.

When I reach home, I’ll battle some N-gage online players from another country in a game of Reset Generation or ONE. I seriously love Reset. Super addictive.

Right before I go to sleep, I’ll update my podcasts subscription list to check if there are any new ones. I’ll then let my N96 to download the podcast files over wifi and off to bed I go.

What do you do with your phones everyday?

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Photo above is not real ok… ahah just did it to support this post.

Anyway… Jaakko Kaidesoja, head of Nokia’s gaming operations told Reuters in an interview that Nokia is working on a touchscreen support for N-gage and will roll out the optimized N-gage client early next year.

Other than that, he also said that the firm will take 1 month to consider whether or not to expand N-gage to the Nokia N73 since it has limited computing power… but if it works out, N-gage will be able to cover more of the user base since Nokia has sold 20 million of it, making it the world’s most sold smartphone.


Now that we are done with that…. let me ask you a question.

“Are you an N-gage player yet?

If not, go and create a player name, install the N-gage client and get yourselves some games to play!

While you are at it, add me too.. my player name is “smashpop”…. currently playing Reset Generation and ONE.

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Hi all, I have been filling up my free time with a lot of light saber action these few days and I have finally completed the new Star Wars game on the N-gage. Woot!

Ok let me tell you about the interface and graphics in today’s post.

The menu has a few layers… starting off with Play, Journal, Ranking, Help, Options, N-gage, About and Exit. Each option branches to sublayers and that again, branch to another sub sub layer.

Moving from one option to another is super fast and doesnt lag at all.(A lot of games do… probably cos this is specially made for N-gage)

Oh one thing I like about this game is that one can set the volume by pressing the volume buttons on the side of the phone.. (again.. 90% of the games out there dont allow tihs)

The graphics is superb… seriously, I have never played a game on a mobile phone with such good quality graphics.. can you see how real it is? the last photo looks just like a scene from Star Wars movie…

The sound effect is superb… every action is matched with a sound with totally no lag at all… the swoosh created by the light saber, the background music, and the explosion sounds… made it feel more like a movie than a game…

Graphics & audio wise, I rate it 9.5/10.

Next post: Gameplay!

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The most anticipated N-gage game of the year has been released!

Reset Generation is the first cross-platform game whereby users can play it in their N-gage enabled devices as well as on the PC! The game is most likely to appeal more to those whom has been playing those old school game on cartridges and blowing up walls using bombs or saving princess at the end of the games they played.

The gameplay is similar to Bomberman but this one has a lot more other features and the producers has actually put in elements of many games in it. Play it and you might spot some familiar looking characters in it, eg: hedgehog, plumbers, princess, bomber etc.

Go download Reset Generation via the N-gage application now or you can play the web version at

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Before I post up my review on “Hooked on” Creatures of the Deep”, I would like to know this:

Are you on N-gage yet?

Cos if you not, better make your way now to and get yourself a free installer and dont forget to register a username!

Currently only 5 models are supported, Nokia N81, N95 8gb, N95, N82 and N81 8gb. So if ur using one of these, you are damn lucky.

Actually I m saying this cos I want to have more friends to compete with.. haha

Once you have installed and registered a player name, add me!

These are my N-gage friends. Come join us as we compete and play games together :D

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I attended a dinner-discussion kinda thing about the new Nokia N-gage last night.

Keith Liu, the head of Games and Internet Experiences in Asia Pacific was there to brief us on what’s new and what’s great about the gaming platform.

He even showed us some future N-gage games like Brothers in Arms, Reset Generation and Crash Bandicoot… not forgetting the one which was just launched hours before the dinner, Snakes Subsonic.

We then got to try out the new games on the N95 8gb, N81, N78 and the great N96.

Here are 2 videos of me trying out the games.

Brothers in Arms

Dirk Digger.

If you are using N95, N95 8gb, N82, N81, N81 8gb, head on to to download the latest N-gage application and then download the games, and then add me in your friends list so we can BATTLE! lol

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The much awaited N-gage is now LIVE!

Go to now to get yourselves a player name and then download the app!

Im currently installing it. Will post some hands on and screen caps soon.

—————— edited ——

ok here are some screenshots from the N-gage app installed in my N95.

In there we can edit our personal info, motto, interests, add new friends, chat with friends, view list of games and download games.

For full game, its 7.99 euro.
For 3 days pass, its 3.99 euro.
For 1 day pass, its 1.99 euro.

so go N-gage yourself now!

..and dont forget to add me as your friend… my player name is “smashpop”

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