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So how better is the AM OLED screen on the N85 compared to the LCD screen on the N96 in terms of viewing images?

Dailymobile has posted a comparison on this and here are some photos taken from there.

This is N95 8gb vs. N85 screen

As you can see here, the image on N85(right) is higher in contrast and more saturated.

Here comes some comparison between N85(bottom) and N96(top)

Its very obvious that the N85 screen produces more natural image preview with more yellow tint.

The flower on N85 is more vibrant and has more red in it.

More red! Nice.

… now lets see a photo of the sea and blue sky.

I prefer the image on N96 screen as the blue is more saturated… and of course i love the bigger screen. ahah

So which would you pick? A bigger screen? or a clearer screen?

View more at Daily Mobile

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I have been thinking for 2 days… even talked to a few friends about the latest Nokia offerings.

Most of the people I asked seems to like the N85 more than the supposedly Nokia’s flagship model this year, the N96. As far as I understand, N8X series is supposed to be a level lower than the N9X series as they are less featureful, or sometimes not as attractive.

This time around, Nokia gave me an impression that N85 is more superior against the N96. The AMOLED screen is one of the things I m looking forward to when it comes to N85 and not forgetting the navi-wheel(which is not available in N96… quite a dissapointment)… oh and the menu and screen rotation animations!

N85 is also the first Nseries that comes with a microUSB charging.. means you can charge your N85 via USB now. (and that, again, is not available for the N96)

Speaking of battery life, the N96.. which has a bigger screen(LCD) which consumes more power + DVBH technology, should be equipped with a more powerful battery but no. Nokia gave the higher capacity battery (1200mAh) to N85, which does not consumes as much power thanks to the AMOLED screen.

Yes, the N85 might only have 74mb internal memory, compared to 16gb in the N96 but one can always compensate that by plugging in higher storage memory cards.. so no deal with that.

If only the N96 came out earlier this year, say.. April… that would be perfect.

Anyhow, I think I will be getting the N96… since I have been waiting for that since I played with it in Sydney in February.

Do you think N96 came too late?

Next post! Nokia N96 coverage photos + Videos!

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Just came back from the Nokia N96 launch event. Nokia also announced 2 new Nseries models tonight. The N85 and N79.

Finally the long awaited Nokia N96 is launched… but it will only be available in the market from the 2nd week of September.

Nokia N85 was annouced and it will be available in Q4 this year.

The N85 is considered a lighter version of N96 as it also has 5mpx camera, 3.5G, DVD like video recording, Wifi, GPS, Ngage support and more.

The one thing that attracts me is the new AMOLED 2.6inch QVGA display. It’s also the first Nokia device to use such clear, bright and low battery consumption screen.

OK now lets move on to N79.

It’s very similar to the N82. Similar specs, 5mpx camera, 2.4in QVGA display, Wifi, 3G and etc. I think the one thing that is nice on this phone is the xpress on colour covers that comes with the phones. Everytime you put on a new back cover, it will actually trigger the correspondent theme that matches the colour of the cover.

Both N85 and N79 comes with 1200mAh battery.. which is a big improvement from what we are currently using in the Nseries phones (900/950mAh)

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That’s the content of the black parcel that I got from Nokia last week. It’s the invite to the N96 launch dinner tonight! I heard someone will get the chance to walk away with an N96 too.

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What if your TV falls off the wall…

What if your friend spills drinks on your laptop when you’re watching Youtube…

What if your girlfriend throws away your CDS…

What if the tickets for the movie u wanna watch are sold out…

What if you DONT need all those mentioned…

Nokia N96. Now everything joins up.

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The sign that Nokia is gonna launched its N96 soon!!! lol

Cos they came out with this Limited Edition N96 website recently and you can get the N96 from joining the contest, or just donating to WWF .

Check out

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According to iGadget Life, the great Nokia N96 will start shipping on 31st July 2008.

Seems like the recommended retail price is around 800USD, so start saving people!

Anyone waiting for this N96?

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At the Nokia Showcase 08 that I just went to few hours ago, Nokia launched a few services and some new devices.

- Nokia Maps 2.0 Beta:
This new version includes features like routing with stopovers and saving routes. Users can also now switch between bird eye view, traditional view and the brand new satelite view. It also features slowmotion navigation for pedestrians.

- Share on OVI:
It is a new community portal that lets users to share all media types like videos, photos and many more. Users can easily upload media from mobile devices, email or the web. For more info, click to A href=”” target=”blank”>

The 4 devices announced today are:

- Nokia N96 Multimedia Computer

What’s new in this device?

- it has a 2.8″ screen (which looks Super big in real life)
- 16GB of internal memory (and the capability to support external memory cards.. up to 8GB)
- Supports video formats like MPEG4, WMV, FLV

One of the N96 on demo in the showcase.

- USB 2.0… transfer speed is 5-10 times faster than N95… wwowowo i like. lol
- built in DVB-H live TV feature
- 5megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics… no Xenon flash tho…. but it has been compensated with 2 LED lights.

- it has a stand that pops out from the camera at the backof the phone so users can watch movies by resting the phone on the table.
-with the built in A-GPS, users can now Geotag the photos taken with the N96.

Here’s a video I recorded

for more info, click HERE

- Nokia N78 Multimedia Computer

What’s new in this device?

- This is the successor of the famous N73 and this devices combines music, navigation and photography with the benefits of mobility.
- It now comes with A-GPS with free Nokia Maps.
- This model also has Wlan! I bet N73 users are going to upgrade to this. :D

The N78 has a built in FM transmitter.. this means you can set a frequency (let’s say 110.9FM so your car or home radio can tune to the frequency and play the music from the N78)… seriously.. this is one superb featurs that i’d like my N95 to have ahahaha

I’d say that this is the 2nd best Nokia device after the N96…. and would suggest anyone planning to get the N82 to wait for this one… but you might lose the Xenon flash tho… cos this device is still using the normal LED light.

- Nokia 6210 Navigator

What’s new in this device?

- It’s the successor of the current 6110 Navigator and this one has the latest Nokia Maps 2.0 with free voice navigations.

- It is the first Nokia phone with a built in compass so users can use it to see directions when they r on GPS. When users turn the device, the map will automatically maintains it’s orientation.

- I personally think that the compass feature is cool but the rotating of the map is very slow. Nokia should do something about it.

A video of the Navigator

- Nokia 6220 Classic

What’s new in this device?

- It comes with 5megapixel Carl Zeiss optics camera with Xenon flash!
- Built in A-GPS allows users to geotag the photos they take.

The 6220 actually has similar features as the N82. I dont see any difference between the 2 devices yet.

More info soon! :D

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