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Mobile Stream has recently came out with a top view racing game for Symbian 5th edition devices like Nokia N97, 5800, 5530 etc.

In the game, you will drive miniature cars along 8 tracks in various surroundings:

* a futuristic expo with extraordinary scientific gadgets,
* a snow town with christmas trees,
* a village on a tropical island near a volcano,
* a knight’s castle,
* a factory zone,
* riverside with mills and gardens,
* a desert with camels,
* a bright summer town with parks, beaches and playfields

You will get various power-ups and weapons to help you outrun your computer opponents. Watch out for spikes, spilled oil and contact mines. Master machine guns and missiles, use thunderbolt to strike your opponents.

7 micro machines with individual tech specs are at your disposal.

Download the demo/free version here

Download the full version of the game from OVIstore here

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