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This guide can be applied to all S60 devices (N96, N78, N82, 5800, etc)

I was happily saving locations on Google Maps one day and then I thought “hmm how do I transfer these landmarks that I have saved as favourites to my friends?”

I then found out that it is actually possible.

As usual, we can save any locations on the map as favourite by tapping and holding the spot on the map > Save as favourite.

Once saved, the details of the location will appear in the favourites list.

Unfortunately, you cannot send the ‘favourite’ locations out as there is no options for that in Google Maps, but you can do it in ‘Location’, a feature that comes with most new Nseries and 5800.

In Location, select landmarks. Then all the locations that you have saved as favourites in Google Maps will appear here.

Select a landmark, click on options, and you can choose to send it out via message(MMS) or bluetooth.

So there you go. Saving and transferring Google Map landmarks

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