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I got to play with the Nokia N97 at the recent Nokia Developer Summit 09 at Monaco and I’d like to say thanks to WenDee and Julien Fourgeaud for giving a very detailed runthough of the device.

Here’s my simple review of it.. after playing for 15 minutes. Heh.

The N97 that I got to play with was the black variant. I personally prefer the white one. Well, the body was very solid as there were no creaks when squeezed. The green and red touch buttons were very responsive while giving haptic feedback when pressed.

One thing that disturbed me was the tilt screen. The angle of the tilt was too steep that I had to bend my hands down a little in order for the screen to face me directly. This also means that I cannot get a clear view of the keyboard since it has been tilted down. Hope you know what I mean.

As the N97 I played was still a pre-production set, the backlight of the full qwerty keyboard was not working but everything else was OK. The speaker was as loud as the 5800. It’s a fingerprint magnet but I am sure it will not be that obvious on the white one.

Check out the video below.

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