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Well, almost all phones.

A small group of developers from the Basque region of Spain has produced a JAVA app for Twitter called J1CK.Tweet. It’s a very simple app, in the sense that the interface is very simple, the menu options are straight forward and it loads super fast. Most importantly, it’s FREE!

Some features of the app:

  • Timeline, @mentions, DMs, favorites, following/followers, follow/unfollow, profiles
  • Quick Reply / Retweet / Favorite
  • Trending Topics / Saved searches support
  • Multiple-account support
  • Twitpic support: you can view photos without the need to open a new browser
  • Camera support! Snap a photo and send to Twitpic all in the app itself
  • Support for touch-screen phones
  • Support for QWERTY keyboard phones

Somehow Im still not able to conduct searches in the app itself. The only option available is “saved searches”.

Keep in mind that this app is supported for most of the Java enabled phones in the market.

J1CK-Tweet: Twitter for Java phones, Beta 1
For all regular keypad or QWERTY phones of all brands (Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Huawei)

For touchscreen phones:
Nokia touchscreen phones (eg: Nokia 5800)
Other touchscreen phones (eg: Samsung F480)

To download, point your phone browser to

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