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A human sized working Nokia 5800 XpressMusic has been installed at the Nokia Store in Antwerp, Belgium in conjunction with the launch of the Nokia touch device there.

The gigantic touchscreen has attracted a lot of passerbys to stop and interact with the giant 5800 fiddling with features like Maps, Music and Gallery. People can actually swipe through images, watch videos, look through the list of music by dragging the scrollbar and many other touch interactions exactly like the real 5800 XpressMusic device.

The touchscreen technology on the huge 5800 is developed by this company called Visual Planet.

According to the company that distributed the touchscreen, they used the iWindow Interactive foil combined with unique daylight technology that gives an awesome result even in bright sunlight. They also used the iWindow through glass sound system to play music on the street.

Watch the video below and see how passerbys play and touch the human sized 5800 XpressMusic.


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