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Remember the game Mastermind?

They one that you have to break the colour codes set by a codemaker by using colour balls/pins?

Here’s a photo of the classic board game.

(Photo taken from

Well, from the makers of MyPhone, here comes their version of the old classic game called Memo Deduction!

There three level for you to choose, Easy, Normal and Difficult. In Easy mode, there’re four colors and four memos in all. You have 12 chances to guess the right combination. In Normal mode, there’re five colors and five memos in all, and 10 chances. It’s easy for you, right? But in Difficult mode, it’s really hard. You have only 8 chances to figure out 5 memos with 6 colors.

The red pin means there is a memo with the right color and position. The black pin means there is a memo with the right color but wrong position.

I personally think that the ‘notes’ can be made bigger so its more finger friendly. I would also prefer if a menu of all colours pops up everyone i tap on a note so I don’t need to tap it repeatedly to get the colour I want.

OK! Have you got ready to challenge your mind? Memo Deduction is now available to Nokia Phones. It will be available on the OVI Store soon but if you can’t wait, grab a copy for yourself now at the MMMOOO shop for only $1.99 now.

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