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Categories: Apps has published an app on the Ovistore which you can download for free.

What’s this 10×10 app? What does it do? If you have seen their site then I’m sure you will understand.

It’s an app that displays 100 images of the current top news and displayed 1 word along with each photo that relates to the news.

The moment you load the app, it will display about 20 images each representing a news. Tap on each photo brings up the word.

You can also select which day to view. Now, Today, Yesterday, or select a date.
Unlike the website, this app doesnt link you to the news source.

Try the app out. It’s Free from the Ovi Store. Here’s a video demo of the app.

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Bored of the default browser on your S60 touch/non touch devices?

Check out Skyfire! Their latest version, v1.5 was just released recently and it’s free!

Updates for the non touch version (S60 v3):

  • Smooth Scrolling: Scroll operations more fluid.
  • Updated user interface
  • Performance tweaks: More robust and faster browsing experience.

Updates for the touch version (S60 v5):

  • Finger friendly UI: A new finger friendly UI for high resolution touchscreen devices for easier browsing experience.
  • Smooth Scrolling: Kinetic scrolling: Pan or flick the screen to move in any direction smoothly.
  • Full screen mode
  • Auto-Rotate

I was testing it on my Nokia X6 and there are some things that I really like about Skyfire. First of all, it allows us to customize our start screen to fit in feeds from Facebook, Twitter, or any other RSS enabled sites. Check out the screenshots above. (Left) Activating Twitter. (Right) Back to start screen with Twitter feeds enabled.

I like how the bookmarks screen looks. We can categorize our bookmarks into different tabs just like the browsers on our computer.

A reason why you should consider this browser over other 3rd party browsers like Opera is that Skyfire supports Flash! Not only it plays videos on Youtube, I even played flash games on! Amazing… but one ting though… the audio from the Flash files are very jerky.

The kinetic scrolling works very well. I also notice how the browser tries to enlarge the fonts of the websites when in ‘zoom out’ mode (refer to screenshot above).

I think Skyfire has done a great job with v1.5 and some minor fixes need to be done as soon as possible. It’s free anyway so why not download Skyfire by pointing your phone browser to now :D

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Realise the lack of a countdown timer on the Nokia 5800? Well we have one now! Thanks to Sheludkov for coming out with this app for S60v5 devices.

Besides counting down, you can count up too. Users can freely set the inital value of the timer and start counting from there. Very nice interface I’d say. Want one?

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