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Seems like not only the N97 received new firmware.

The ex-flagship device, the N96 and also the E51 got firmware updates too.

The new version for N96 is v30.033.

Apparently the official changelog is not found anywhere but from the Nokia Software Update website, the changelog was listed quite briefly:

  • Imaging – take sharper photos through improved imaging quality and autofocus accuracy
  • Mail – Nokia Email service compatibility
  • Other – Improvements speed up your phone through system wide speed improvements

The new firmware version for E51 is 400.34.011.

Changelog brief:

  • Increased stability in Mail for Exchange
  • SMS reception improvements
  • Stability and usability improvements for VoIP and WLAN
  • Robustness improvements when pressing the Home key.

More info at

You can update the firmwares on your phones via FOTA by pressing *#0000# n then click “check for updates” or you can get it via the Nokia Software Updater. Step by step here.

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It’s been some time since we heard of new over the air firmwareupdate for the N78 and it’s here now!

This software release follows the 13.052 release and comes with further N78 stability improvements. In addition to system-wide fixes the update contains Bluetooth audio enhancements, photo UI developments and e-mail upgrades.

To get this software through your Nokia N78, click Menu > Tools > Utilities > Device Manager. Select Options > Check for updates and follow the on-screen prompts. Remember that you can also use Wi-Fi to download the update. Additionally this software release is available through the Nokia Software Updater:

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Everyone’s favourite E series has received a new firmware update! The new version is now v210.21.006 so if you are using v20 then you better go update it now! hehe.

Brief changelog:
This software release enhances general software maturity and stability. The software release includes: stability and functionality improvements in the following areas: browser, camera, calendar, messaging and VoiP

You can download Nokia Software Updater HERE.

How to update firmware on PC?

Step 1: Connect your phone to the PC.

Step 2: Backup your personal data to your memory card or your PC using Nokia PC suite.

Step 3: Start the Nokia Software Updater and follow the prompts.

Step 4: Restore your personal data to your phone.

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