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Search For N has finally reached it’s peak level!

From thousands of entries….

We are now left with 10. Ten very lucky people in Malaysia. 6 of them will be among the first in the world to own the upcoming Nokia N97.

Hi all, here are the 10 finalists for Search For N contest.

  1. Lum Wai Him
  2. Chen Wei Leong
  3. Hong Wee Juen
  4. Christopher Ho Tjah Tjin
  5. Chong Ziyan
  6. Ng Seng Ming
  7. Kiew Kwong Woei
  8. Alex Teh Chun Chet
  9. Petrina Lee Ai Ping
  10. Lee Yie Lik

Congratulations for making it to the final leg in the Search for N! You are now just one final step away from uncovering the hidden Nokia N97 in Kuala Lumpur.

Here’s the details of the race on 4th June 09 for the 10 of you.

I will be posting a clue at 11AM on the said day and all 10 of you will have to decipher it to reveal the secret location (which will be in KL) and rush there IMMEDIATELY. You have 2 hours to rush there (11am – 1pm). The earliest SIX to arrive at the secret location with the password (which has already been sent to you in the congratulations email) will receive the Nokia N97 each.

Anyways….. here’s a video of the Nokia N97 being assembled in the factory in Finland and being sent for shipping. Great video.

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