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So how solid is the anodized aluminium built Nokia N8?

Before you go and do some silly stunts trying to destroy the phone, Nokia has already done it for you lolz.

Check out these endurance test of Nokia N8.

According to them, below are the list of their favourite tests:

  • Extreme weather: We use special machines to expose them to extreme temperatures from around -40°C to +85°C, helping them to withstand conditions from the cold of the Arctic Circle to the heat of the Sahara desert.
  • Humidity: We also test for use in tropical and humid parts of the world by placing devices in a special chamber for several weeks where they will experience humidity levels as high as 95%.
  • Clothing: When we carry devices in our back pockets they may bend when we sit down or rub on trouser fibres. We simulate these effects with special machines that bend and twist the device, and one that uses a real pair of jeans to test friction and wear and tear.
  • Pockets: Devices are often in bags or pockets with other items like keys or coins, so we place devices in a special “shaker” machine with hard particles to see how resistant they are.
  • Buttons: People press the main keys on their device an average of 200-300 times every day. To ensure the keypads can respond to this level of use, we press the keys up to one million times in the lab.

Kids don’t try these with your parent’s N8 ok.


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