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I was at the Nokia E75 Bloggers Email Night yesterday at Saffron, Solaris Mont Kiara. At the event they previewed and shared with us some info on Nokia’s moves in email and messaging.

One of the speakers were Mr. Bambos Kaisharis, Marketing Manager for Nokia Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. He engaged us with questions about emails, how emails have evolved and explained why we should funnel all our emails into one medium etc…

He also explains why the E75 is the perfect device for messaging and email as it not only spots a full qwerty keyboard, but also a full fledged Nokia Messaging software that pushes our personal and corporate emails into the device so that we can check them wherever we are.

We then got the chance to play with the E75 and tried setting up the email accounts on the device.

Mr. Glenn Cha, product manager for Nokia Malaysia explains more on how the messaging system works on the device while showing us real life implementations of the service.

A photo of some of our Nokia phones together with the E75. The Nokia E75 is out in the market now and the price is around RM1.9k RRP.

Check out this video I recorded yesterday at the event.

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I recently stumbled upon a website called Email with ease. It’s one of Nokia’s moves to get people to familiarize themselves with the latest E series and the messaging service that they rolled out recently.

In the site users can click on “Email Artist” and then compose their own fun emails and the message will be displayed around the E75 which can be sent to friends.

Click on “Email with Ease” bring up the video clips explaining the email services.

The site also links to Nokia Messaging and Nokia Email. Check it out yo!

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Everyone’s favourite E series has received a new firmware update! The new version is now v210.21.006 so if you are using v20 then you better go update it now! hehe.

Brief changelog:
This software release enhances general software maturity and stability. The software release includes: stability and functionality improvements in the following areas: browser, camera, calendar, messaging and VoiP

You can download Nokia Software Updater HERE.

How to update firmware on PC?

Step 1: Connect your phone to the PC.

Step 2: Backup your personal data to your memory card or your PC using Nokia PC suite.

Step 3: Start the Nokia Software Updater and follow the prompts.

Step 4: Restore your personal data to your phone.

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