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Recently I’ve been playing a lot of Dance Fabulous on the N96. It’s such a fun dancing game to play (especially when we are dancing to our own tunes).

Basically it’s similar to one of those dance dance revolution kinda games minus the arrows directions.

The game allows a lot of user customization. Dancer gender, clothings, skin colour, facial expression are some of the settings we can do to suit our likings. One of the biggest customization that I like is that it allows us to use our own tunes! That means I  can put in a slow Titanic-ish song into the game and my dancer will be doing slow motions too.

As we progress through the game, new backgrounds, clothes and dance styles will be unlocked.

The gameplay is simple, create random moves using the navipad so that the dancer will not do the same move again and again (that will not earn you points btw). Utilise the up, down, left, right and center directions fully to create special moves and gain gold stars that will warp you to a special challenge.

Check out the video I recorded.

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Dance Fabulous, the one of a kind dance party game is finally out on N-Gage!

It’s a dancing game that lets you dance to your own songs. You can also create your own unique dance moves and boost your music experience to a totally new level!

Connect this game to the network and beat your friends’ score points!

You wont see it on the N-gage website for now, since it’s scheduled launch date is 11th June… but you can get this game now by accessing the “showroom” tab on the N-gage app on your Nokia phones. Just make sure you click on options > update now! :D

Here’s the official trailer for Dance Fabulous.

Check out this video too! It’s Rafe from AllAboutSymbian trying to beat my high score (spot my name Jason G at the high score chart on the left of the LCD) at the Dance Fabulous party, Monaco recently.

Check out Dance Fabulous Official Site now!

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