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After getting to know about this game since May, Crash Bandicoot is finally out!

The game kinda reminds me of Mario Kart but with lousy graphics. Yes. I am actually quite dissapointed with  the graphics as I have seen better looking N-gage games before this and I expected this to be the same.

Gameplay is great. No lag…. although I keep getting the same power-ups(missile, oil and shield) oh yeah in this game you get power-ups to help you attack other players or to speed up.

Anyhow, I would recommend you to go download the trial and only buy it if you think it’s worth yea.

Download it here at Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kard 3D page.

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I attended a dinner-discussion kinda thing about the new Nokia N-gage last night.

Keith Liu, the head of Games and Internet Experiences in Asia Pacific was there to brief us on what’s new and what’s great about the gaming platform.

He even showed us some future N-gage games like Brothers in Arms, Reset Generation and Crash Bandicoot… not forgetting the one which was just launched hours before the dinner, Snakes Subsonic.

We then got to try out the new games on the N95 8gb, N81, N78 and the great N96.

Here are 2 videos of me trying out the games.

Brothers in Arms

Dirk Digger.

If you are using N95, N95 8gb, N82, N81, N81 8gb, head on to to download the latest N-gage application and then download the games, and then add me in your friends list so we can BATTLE! lol

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