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This is it!!!!!!!!!!!!
The clue that determines who will be the final 10 contestants!

Be fast! Be precise!


Follow the below format when you are sending the email.
(Only emails with the exact format will qualify)

Title: I Want To Win The Nokia N97!
Mobile phone no.:
IC no.:
Blog URL(If any):

Answer 1:
Answer 2:
Answer 3:
Answer 4:
Answer 5:

Send all email submissions to

Clue 5: 2nd June 2009

Everything you need to personalize your Internet on your Nokia device can be found here. (Hint: Although it’s a store, you can’t milk, eggs or fruits there)

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Terms and Conditions

Leave a comment here once you have sent the email ok? I just wanna know la for fun ahahha. Good Luck!

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