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I recently got the chance to play with something futuristic. Haha. It’s the Cinemizer eyewear produced by Zeiss.

It was at the Nokia Developer Summit where I got exposed to this device that allows users to have 3D experience with stereo sound watching movies(and playing games) on mobile phones.

According to Zeiss website; “Whether you want to watch a whodunit inside the sanctity of your own four walls, or a thriller while riding an exercise bike at the gym – cinemizerplus allows you to enjoy a blockbuster wherever you are”

To get it to work on the mobile phone, we need to have the software installed and the dock that plugs into the 3.5mm headphone jack that has a cable connecting to the eyewear.

The Cinemizer eyewear made me look like Cyclopse…. but the 3d experience was mind blowing… with earphone plugged deep into your ear… one get get immersed into the movie right away.

Here’s a video demonstration of the eyewear plugged onto an N86 that I recorded at the event in Monaco.

Find out more about Zeiss Cinemizer here.

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