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Nokia betalabs has released an experimental web based service yesterday named “Nokia Easy Meet“.

The service lets you use your mobile device and/or PC(by logging in to Nokia Easy Meet) to create, conduct, and participate in meetings with your business colleagues as well as your friends and family. The service is about sharing content synchronously and in real-time.

Key features include:

  • Slide sharing
  • Image sharing (JPEG, PNG)
  • Conference chat
  • Remote content access (via OVI Files)
  • Participant awareness
  • Gestures
  • File download
  • Meeting minutes

To use the service, you don’t need to install anything. Just point your phone or PC browser at

Works with: most commercial browsers such as S60, Opera, Firefox, Safari.
Does not work with: IE6

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As some of you might know or might be already using Nokia Friend View, the beta app has been updated and friend alerts feature has been added to it.

Friend View is actually a location and micro-blogging service that helps you stay in touch with your friends and family so you can update one another with what you are doing and where you are doing it.

You can actually update your status… what you are doing… how you feel.. who you are meeting.. or simply just post a note and let your friends know where you are using the Friend View app on your phone or the web version of the service.

Now you can keep Friend View in the background in “Normal” or “Active” modes (options: Refresh Mode) and a “pling-plung” from Friend View will tell you that your friend is close by so you can meet. You will of course get alerted as well if Friend View is in use in foreground.

Depending on where you live or travel, on your schedule and mood, you can adjust the Friend alerts’ meeting zone (options: More: Settings – Friend Alerts & Meeting zone) to define how close your friends should be to get alerted.


Mobile client: Tested with Nokia 5320 XpressMusic, 6110 Navigator, 6210 Navigator, N95, N95 8GB, N82, N96, E71, E90, N80 and E61. Should work on all Nokia devices based on S60 3rd Edition.
Web interface: The browser interface has been tested with Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 7. Try it at

Get Friend View HERE

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Omg this is madness! I don’t know about you but I think this might be the best app for Nokia touch devices so far.

Nokia Beta Labs has rolled out this awesome app called Handwriting Calculator. This app allows you to write out your calculations on the screen and it is smart enough to convert and understand your handwriting and produce the math solution at once.

Watch this video to find out how to work with this brilliant calculator.

Check out Handwriting Calculator and download it for your Nokia 5800 or N800 now!

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