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If you do own these one of these 3 phones than you are in for something nice.. ahah

Nokia just released some audio themes that you can install and it totally modifies your ringtones, sms tones, alarm tones, slide up and slide down tones etc…

“Audio themes feature allows you to personalize the user interface sounds of your phone. Audio themes are offered in packages which contain several sound files of a common theme. The packages contain usually the normal profile sounds (e.g. ringing tones, message alerts, clock alert, calendar alarm) but also sounds for phone handling (e.g. fold open, fold close) and menu events (enter menu, leave menu).

Your phone supports audio themes if you can find this icon in the menu (personalization/themes). If your phone supports audio themes you can download additional theme packages from this page.”

Download 5 of the audio themes here. (Right click and select “Save link as”)

726.40 KB

768.60 KB

646.10 KB

715.30 KB

296.10 KB

To Install:
Download a theme by clicking a corresponding package. If you are using your mobile phone for downloading, the browser will automatically start to install SIS-packages after the download is completed. You may also download themes to your PC and then transfer them to your phone or install them using PC Suite.

To Uninstall:
Installed themes may be removed using Application manager on your mobile phone. ‘Remove’ option in Audio themes application removes only themes saved by the user, not the ones installed as SIS-packages.


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