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Lookie lookie!

The Facebook app for the 2 Eseries models are finally available for download!

As I have tried to download it from the Ovi Store, I failed miserably as it does not support N86 and other S60v3 devices.

So if you have an E71 or E72 then you are in luck.

These are some screenshots I grabbed from here

According to Ovi Store, Facebook ® for Nokia E71/E72 lets you keep up with your friends right at your fingertips. Update your status, see what your friends are up to, upload photos, check messages and lookup phone numbers when you need them anytime and anywhere. Facebook allows you to comment on your friend’s statuses, RSVP to e vent invites and confirm or deny friend requests.

Point your phone browser to now or check out the direct link here


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Well, almost all phones.

A small group of developers from the Basque region of Spain has produced a JAVA app for Twitter called J1CK.Tweet. It’s a very simple app, in the sense that the interface is very simple, the menu options are straight forward and it loads super fast. Most importantly, it’s FREE!

Some features of the app:

  • Timeline, @mentions, DMs, favorites, following/followers, follow/unfollow, profiles
  • Quick Reply / Retweet / Favorite
  • Trending Topics / Saved searches support
  • Multiple-account support
  • Twitpic support: you can view photos without the need to open a new browser
  • Camera support! Snap a photo and send to Twitpic all in the app itself
  • Support for touch-screen phones
  • Support for QWERTY keyboard phones

Somehow Im still not able to conduct searches in the app itself. The only option available is “saved searches”.

Keep in mind that this app is supported for most of the Java enabled phones in the market.

J1CK-Tweet: Twitter for Java phones, Beta 1
For all regular keypad or QWERTY phones of all brands (Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Huawei)

For touchscreen phones:
Nokia touchscreen phones (eg: Nokia 5800)
Other touchscreen phones (eg: Samsung F480)

To download, point your phone browser to

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ALERT ALERT! A damn useful app is emerging and everyone in KL, Malaysia should get it!

It might just be one of the most useful app on your phone alongside Gravity!

Thanks to the guys at Nerdattack, we will be able to check out traffic conditions in the city before we leave the office, go for parties at night or going to work.

If I’m not mistaken, the app is currently only supported on S60 v5 touch devices so if you are using a Nokia 5800, N97, 5530 or N97 mini then probably you should get it when it’s out on the OVI Store.

The widget has a very simple and straight forward interface. Once it’s launched, a list of street names will appear and with just a tap, traffic images will be displayed.

*Live images are grabbed from ITIS btw.

Check out these screenssssssss.. damn nice right? See how the arrows are toggled by just tapping the arrows icon on the top right of the screen.

According to NerdAttack, the app has been submitted to OVI Store and is awaiting approval. Wait for it yo! I’ll try to update u guys once the app is up.

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Leading digital artists Karsten Schmidt and Gary Birkett have created an app for the Nokia N900 to created an innovative Nokia-powered art installation using live online conversations to build an interactive, constantly evolving brand identity for onedotzero adventures in motion, a leading global festival of the digital arts.

As seen in the image above, the interactive art will display messages on screen and users can edit and write new text and then play around with the orientation by turning the N900 around utilising the built in accelerometer.

Visitors to the expo will be able to experience the app see their texts on the 200 square-metre projection using a bespoke UI created by Birkett.

Check out the demo video below and see the N900 in action!

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Realise the lack of a countdown timer on the Nokia 5800? Well we have one now! Thanks to Sheludkov for coming out with this app for S60v5 devices.

Besides counting down, you can count up too. Users can freely set the inital value of the timer and start counting from there. Very nice interface I’d say. Want one?

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