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Ever wished you can have an app on your mobile phone that gives you access to Facebook, Twitter, Google iCal, RSS reader, movie reviews, dictionary and many more for FREE?

Now you can! Haha… I was introduced to Snaptu yesterday and realized that they actually have a mobile app(for all sorts of phones) that gives you exactly the integration mentioned above!

I have tested in on both my N96 and 5800XPM and they both work perfectly!

Let’s have a look at Snaptu on the N96. Upon entering into Snaptu menu, you have to allow it to access the Internet to retrieve all the services. (better subscribe to an unlimited data plan for this!)

Once connected, some default widgets will be displayed and you can remove them and also add new ones from the catalog as you like.

Logging into facebook gives you access to all the status updates and your message inbox. Clicking on a status update brings you to the profile page of the friend you selected. From there you can view their photos, profile and etc. Check out the video below to know more.

Snaptu loads very well on the 5800 too! After installing, make sure you go to Settings > applications > installed apps > Snaptu > options > Suite settings and select onscreen keyboard OFF. This will allow the app to be displayed in fullscreen mode.

In these screenshots you can see the RSS widget, Twitter and also the Movie widget called MyMovies.

Watch the video below to see the smooth menu animations and also to witness how well Snaptu gives you access to Internet services.

Visit Snaptu now and download the FREE application for you mobile!

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SimonNo Gravatar

April 20th, 2009

Well cool. Just found a cricket app on it too. So… I like cricket! It’s got the IPL. Tried it on my LG 990 and INQ1

April 20th, 2009

wat abt windows mobile

April 20th, 2009

the 5800 doesn’t look responsive enough lol
u clicked few times only came out~

archieNo Gravatar

June 4th, 2009

i like the app but on my behold i shows the arrows like umm playing a game i saw this app on youtube and the guy had the fulltouch same phone can you help me my e-mail is

June 3rd, 2011

Astg ang snaptu ilove it <3

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