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Search For N has finally reached it’s peak level!

From thousands of entries….

We are now left with 10. Ten very lucky people in Malaysia. 6 of them will be among the first in the world to own the upcoming Nokia N97.

Hi all, here are the 10 finalists for Search For N contest.

  1. Lum Wai Him
  2. Chen Wei Leong
  3. Hong Wee Juen
  4. Christopher Ho Tjah Tjin
  5. Chong Ziyan
  6. Ng Seng Ming
  7. Kiew Kwong Woei
  8. Alex Teh Chun Chet
  9. Petrina Lee Ai Ping
  10. Lee Yie Lik

Congratulations for making it to the final leg in the Search for N! You are now just one final step away from uncovering the hidden Nokia N97 in Kuala Lumpur.

Here’s the details of the race on 4th June 09 for the 10 of you.

I will be posting a clue at 11AM on the said day and all 10 of you will have to decipher it to reveal the secret location (which will be in KL) and rush there IMMEDIATELY. You have 2 hours to rush there (11am – 1pm). The earliest SIX to arrive at the secret location with the password (which has already been sent to you in the congratulations email) will receive the Nokia N97 each.

Anyways….. here’s a video of the Nokia N97 being assembled in the factory in Finland and being sent for shipping. Great video.

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June 3rd, 2009


great video by the way!

Jack LeeNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009

Congratulations to all of you! You guys are really lucky!

Oh, if any of the eventual six winners wanna sell the phone, please contact me at jackkmlee[at]gmail[dot]com…! Hahaha!

June 3rd, 2009

Congrats to the finalists…u guys got crazy fingers LOL..!

Yeah. those wana sell let me know :D euveng[at]gmail[dot]com

reepaNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009

congrats to the 10 finalist….

1 question by the way…..why all chineese are the 10 top finalist??? the contest is in malaysia….should it be fair??

AcatNo Gravatar Reply:

fastest email la. it’s already clear what. hehe no need to question one.

anti-chineese-kiasuNo Gravatar Reply:

dude, either there’s a problem with ‘who’s the fastest’ or not…. it should not it look an attempt that all the 10 finalist are chineese.

i feel sad for non-chineese who have been competed unfairly in this challenge.

i mean, Jason Goh’s blog is the only 1 of the official contest for Search for N in Malaysia. I mean, being in the context of Malaysia, there’s should be a resemblance of other than chineese people.

KamalNo Gravatar Reply:

I feel weird too ..

Jack LeeNo Gravatar Reply:

So since it looks like there is only 1 girl in the top 10, can you say this contest is sexist too?

June 3rd, 2009

hehe waah after this we’ll see a surge in interest to buy them n97s eh. when will it be officially released here anyways?

Jack LeeNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009


Why the race thing all of a sudden? C’mon, man… don’t bring the race shit into here or the contest. Not EVERYTHING falls under the NEP, you know.

anti-chineese-kiasuNo Gravatar Reply:

dude, i dont care about NEP. really, the contest doenst look to “malaysian” to me.

KamalNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009

Smashpop, i’m just wondering are the finalists ur friends?

Jack LeeNo Gravatar Reply:

Bro, this is very very unfair of you to ask such thing….

tcmeanNo Gravatar Reply:

This is definitely unfair to Jason. You can always choose not to take part in this competition if you feel that way, aren’t you?

IceblenderNo Gravatar Reply:

Well FYI I did some digging, Number 4 & Number six are Jason’s Facebook friends. And 4 and five is in the same college…..

Yong Tau FuNo Gravatar Reply:

WHAT?? Most of them are Jason’s friendS???
I smell something suspicious. Jason, did you release the questions to them 1st for releasing to us so that they can win? HAHA I am SO DIRECT !

Yong Tau FuNo Gravatar Reply:

***before releasing

aliNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009

jack lee, let me remind you. even though i’m a malay. I feel offended by your words saying:

“Not EVERYTHING falls under the NEP, you know”

I want your apologies cause it hurts other people you know.

and please ppl, dont offend other races. the contest does not “look” malaysian to me, and lastly congtrats to the winners of the 10 finalist. you deserve it.

Jack LeeNo Gravatar Reply:

Okay, ali, I apologise if I offended you or any other malays. This thing was never a race thing but unfortunately a couple of idiots have turned it into one.

June 3rd, 2009

sore losers should learn to read the fine print in the terms and conditions of the competition.

but for transparency sake maybe a screen capture of the winners email arriving in the email inbox would satisfy the curiosity of the doubters.

ah well, will stick with my ‘tube’ for now.

Jack LeeNo Gravatar Reply:

Acat, knowing sore losers, they will just say that the screen caps have been photoshopped!

The contest has certain elements of luck involved, not a lot, but plays a part certainly. For eg, you thought you shot off the email at 7:01 pm but while on its way, it went through some glitch and it only arrived in the inbox on the other side at 7:10 pm. By that time, tens or even hundreds of other emails arrived before yours. What are you going to do about it?

We shouldn’t feel so sore when it comes to contests like these. There are a lot of elements that are not in the control of the contestants. You want to be sure of winning something? Work harder to get that extra money to just go buy the damn thing with your hard earned money. That way, you definitely are a winner too!

HYNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009

Congrats and good luck to all finalist.
Just wonder when will it be launched in Malaysia? How much does it sell?

Jack LeeNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009

What in the world are all you people talking about? Just because all 10 are chinese… so what? So what you people are saying is this: Even if the top 10 truly so happened to be all chinese by MERIT, the contest should nonetheless be manipulated to give some non-chinese a shot? What are you people talking about?

You feel sorry for the non-chinese who had competed UNFAIRLY in this contest? Why is this unfair? Please explain yourself. Its unfair just because no non-chinese in the top 10? What is your basis for all this rubbish spewing out of your brains? And you are accusing Jason of purposely giving it to Chinese only? WTF?? Jason, you should sue this guy….

If people are thinking like this even for a mere phone contest, its no wonder this country is in its current shit hole situation. We are all going backwards and into hell….

anti-chineese-kiasuNo GravatarNo Gravatar Reply:

jack lee, chill down…dont be too emo…haha….

1st question to jack Lee?

did i said that jason Goh( owner):

“And you are accusing Jason of purposely giving it to Chinese only?” -comment written by Jack Lee

read all the comments i’ve written. I didn’t said anything about Jason Goh and its contest. I was just ‘wondering’ why would the winners are chineese. that’s all. nothing less. it’s Just an ‘observation’ of see who’s were the winners. i’m approve and accept the results and congrats all the 10 finalist written in this blog without holding any grudge and respect the contest rules done by Nokia Malaysia.

However, as the contest are held in Malaysia, were everyone it should not look a bit like…well you know….[i dont want to make trouble here...]

In fact, You did the accusation. Mind you “words” Jackie.

anyway, well done for the 10 finalist. they deserve it.

[P.S: see, i'm not even angry at all cost...bravo to the 10 finalist...we should celebrate this...]

2nd Question

“What are you people talking about?” -comment from Jack Lee

I’m here to see the results, and comment about the results. Nothing more and nothing less about it. Anyone else is not my business. they just jumped into the bandwagon from my comment, or should i say ‘opinion’.

3rd question:

“You feel sorry for the non-chinese who had competed UNFAIRLY in this contest?”
-comment from Jack Lee

i’am feel sorry about the winners of non-chinese. its just an ‘observation’ opinion based on the results of the 10 finalist. You cant deny cant you Jackie?…..haha

4th question:

“Even if the top 10 truly so happened to be all chinese by MERIT, the contest should nonetheless be manipulated to give some non-chinese a shot?”

all i can say is this. THEY DESERVE it. ok. full stop. read the rules of the contest Jackie.

So jack lee or should i call you “Jackie”, please don’t make any accusations. my opinion was based on the results. No holds barred for giving an ‘opnion’. get it?

Last words, Jack lee, don’t be a jackass on this. I’m sure you could get one of this phone by yourself. Why are you fighting for a phone Jackie?…..hahaha….i’m thinking ‘your’ the one who is on the “shit hole” in this situation….hahaha…

tcmeanNo Gravatar Reply:

How about say 60% for you?

tcmeanNo Gravatar Reply:

60%-30%-10% XD

tcmeanNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009

Please stop all these racist statements. You blame other races just because you can’t win? You want quota to be applied here to make the competition “looked” malaysian?

anti-chineese-kiasuNo GravatarNo Gravatar Reply:

did i said racist comment anyone? No

tcmeanNo Gravatar Reply:

Oh.. you didn’t?! “Mind your words!” If you can’t accept that only chinese make it to the final, I would say get lost from!

June 3rd, 2009

hey guys. what’s with this racial issue going on here?

as i can confirm that Jason isn’t the main person who receives the entry emails and certainly not the one who read & picked the top 10 that’s for sure. so to those who was saying he being biased picking his own friends or being racist whatsoever, take back ur comments (=

well maybe u just can’t accept the fact that those top 10 managed to type and sent the email faster than u by seconds probably..

chill out la, results had been announced anyway. u can’t change it. ^_^

Jack LeeNo Gravatar Reply:

Otherwise, can go and sue the internet provider for their slow or inconsistent service in their area which cost the loser a phone!

Kian SiongNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009

That’s a lot of N97s . Wish I could take one from there haha. Btw, I LOL at those who bring racial issues to a contest like this. Just because you can’t accept the fact that you failed to be faster than the others you have to blame it on racial thingy? C’mon man get a life. It’s a contest for god’s sake. If you think it’s not fair then save up and buy one yourself. I find it extremely stupid to blame the person in charged for this. He has done so much for us all now learn to appreciate please

BlakeNo Gravatar Reply:

Agree…If he never did post about this we probably won’t even had a chance to win…whats more he keeps reminding us about the date and time…blaming won’t change anything.

CheeNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009

We all speak English, we all know how to type and we all got the same clues. Stop behaving like a bunch of typical Malaysian politicians and blaming skin colour for every single thing in your life that doesn’t go the way you want it to.

Congratulations and good luck to the finalists =)

CheeNo Gravatar Reply:

In every Malaysian automotive blog/forum there is Proton,

for everything else there’s racism.

BlakeNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009

Whoa…It seems like a war is going on here…anyway, congrats to the winners! I thinks there should also got consolation prizes like a 50% discount voucher for the last 4 who didnt make it in time, just kidding…XD BTW, Jason, do we get a chance to see photos of the lucky 6?

June 3rd, 2009

I can’t help to state my two cents here. They are good,you can’t help it. Wether it is Ping Pong, walk-a-hunt, rubik’s cube,badminton etc. The chinese are fast. They are in the league of their own. So congrats to the six owner of N97. I missed my N95 Wireless adventure moment. It totally was a 1Malaysia affair. PS. Jason did give such an easy task. IT IS DOWN TO LUCK ACTUALLY NO MATTER WHAT RACE YOU ARE. Peace Y’all!

smashpopNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009

Hi everyone… first of all… cool down cool down. ahah

The results is strictly based on fastest submissions with all correct answers with the correct email format.

i do not have access for the email as the account is managed by nokia people… im only responsible of running the contest and posting up the names of the finalist that they emailed to me.

also i think we all malaysians lah.. where got say race race wan… kan?

this is a global event la.. nanti all the overseas ppl see this also malu… ahahha ok la again congrats to the 10 ppl.

IceblenderNo Gravatar Reply:

you got that right…..but J too easylah the questions…. it really turned into the 5th caller to call-ish contest….by the thanks again for the experience…..peace.

Jack LeeNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009

Jason, may I say congrats on a job well done! Hopefully got more contests to come and I will have better luck in the next one(s). Cheers mate!

MichaelNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009

ya.. i also think its a great job done by jason, thanks jason for bring this event up.. ??, Terima Kasih and Dhanyawaad.. haha.. Hope you can bring in more events on the future..

MichaelNo Gravatar Reply:

ops, the ?? is xie4 xie4, chinese word..

June 3rd, 2009

Hello All,

First of all, my heartfelt Congrats to the 10 Finalists. You guys are truly deserving of being in the final league for the Search for N. As with everyone here, I was in an equally tense/nervous position at 7pm yesterday. Unfortunately, i succumbed to the pressure of trying to be ‘fast and precise’ and i missed out. Too bad, in life, we have winners and of course, losers. It only makes life fun.
Which brings me to the next thing i’m about to say.
This competition has been held in the fairest light. My prove for stating this. I correspond with Jason everyday via msn/sms/mms. If this competition would’ve been a biased one, he would’ve prep me before the final clue is release so that I would get ahead. But did he?

Tell me Reepa, if the finalists were to be of a different race, assuming of the same as yours, would you have lashed out a similar comment? My guess is NO.

My writing what you did, not only are u initiating a racist attack against everyone here, you are also degrading our values as being Malaysian and destroying unity. On top of that, a crime that you obviously committed is trying to tarnish the reputation of the website owner, Jason.

Accusation of such constitutes Defamation of character and can be held against you in the court of law.

As big as you are to comment on this competition being ‘racist’, are you BIG enough to live with being sued for defamation of character?

Thats right. I guess not.

My two cents worth.


BlakeNo Gravatar Reply:

One word for you bro… Nice

PeterNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009

hey, is Malaysia a Chinese country? i was like, what the heck, all of the finalists are chinese

Jack LeeNo Gravatar Reply:

And what race are you or where are you from?

June 3rd, 2009

Jason can you release the answers for the 5 questions now. I wanna check if I got all the answers right. Plus the 2 kuasa 5 question. I suck at math see. And it was QWERTY for the 3rd Q kan?

Jack LeeNo Gravatar

June 3rd, 2009


My, my… your response is sooo… sooo.. “wonderful” and “intelligent”, I also dunno what to say anymore!

To quote you:
“3rd question:

“You feel sorry for the non-chinese who had competed UNFAIRLY in this contest?”
-comment from Jack Lee

i’am feel sorry about the winners of non-chinese. its just an ‘observation’ opinion based on the results of the 10 finalist. You cant deny cant you Jackie?…..haha”

This is not racist? Hell, even your name is racist, for god’s sake!

To quote you again:

“anti-chineese-kiasuNo Gravatar Reply:
June 3rd, 2009 at 12:31 pm

dude, either there’s a problem with ‘who’s the fastest’ or not…. it should not it look an attempt that all the 10 finalist are chineese.

i feel sad for non-chineese who have been competed unfairly in this challenge.

i mean, Jason Goh’s blog is the only 1 of the official contest for Search for N in Malaysia. I mean, being in the context of Malaysia, there’s should be a resemblance of other than chineese people.”

You dun have to say anything directly against Jason, but its a matter of interpretation by way of innuendo, implication, etc… I am not the only one here who thinks the same way. So, if I were you, you are better off watching your own words more closely, lest you get sued. Just some free legal advise for you.

Lastly, in any event, it may be I am responding to a “brick” here, as you don’t seem to even have the most basic of manners in not addressing other people properly (where did I mention that my name is “Jackie” or did I even give you permission to call me that?) and in not calling names like jackass.

Oh, and I am not fighting for a phone, I am just fighting against racism and racists. What made you think I was fighting for a phone? I lost. Thats it. Unlike somebody who has to comment shit like, “why all chinese ah?” as if it had to do with anything.

One last bit of advice, if everybody was to give their opinions freely, but laced with certain innuendo or hints or implications, which are baseless, like what you have done, then there will be lots of lawsuits and much more police arrests everywhere. So open that gap in your face which you call a mouth or use that mess in your skull which you call a brain responsibly. Cheers!

June 3rd, 2009

Aku ada degree mengajar bahasa inggeris dalam tangan tapi aku tak paham ayat ni,

“it should not it look an attempt that all the 10 finalist are chineese.”

Apakah ikan itu?

June 3rd, 2009

Dang… i was one of those who waited anxiously for 7pm yesterday night!

Ish ish ish… didnt get it…

*oh, Hi Jason! Long time no see… still remembers me? Hahahhaha*

Yeah, i know.. me MIA for too long already! i only reappear when my favourite phone is out!

I wan N97!!!

For those winners for tomorrow… if willing to sell, contact me pleaseeeeee….. i wanna buy them…

actually more of wanting to trade in my SE Xperia X1 with N97… with cash on top of course… Does anybody know how much is the market price for N97 when its launch?

RagsNo Gravatar Reply:

According to mobile88, the N97 is launching this Fri, 5 June at KLCC. Selling price is RM2899 with many accessories e.g. soft pouch, bluetooth headset + OVI download vouchers. Only 50 units available apparently.

KamalNo Gravatar Reply:

motherfucker is it true ?!?!

KamalNo Gravatar Reply:

Sorry for the bad word I was too excited, can someone confirm this?

RagsNo Gravatar Reply:

Haha..No idea on how true it is, but assuming there could be 50/50 possibility, I posted it up here. :)


IceblenderNo Gravatar Reply:

Selling @ UK for 499 pound

mirmoNo Gravatar Reply:

is it true?? can somebody confirm this… please… i one to buy one for my dad.. wanna make him happy on fathers day..

Jack LeeNo Gravatar Reply:

Wow… very very good son! Hopefully my daughter will be as good to me next time! LOL!

Nothing can be confirmed yet untul Nokia Malaysia’s official announcement. That will be the most trusted and reliable information.

Jack LeeNo Gravatar Reply:

Ooooppss… I meant you are a very very good on/daughter… I have no idea from your nickname “mirmo” whether you are a guy or gal…

June 28th, 2009

[...] Tuesday night before, when I received a much coveted email from Nokia Malaysia saying that I was one of 10 finalists in Nokia’s Search For N contest. Woot! Seriously, you have no idea how much I wanted this. I’d been coveting the phone ever [...]

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