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We know that the 5800 XPM comes with a 3.2mpx Carl Zeiss optics with autofocus… but how does the camera perform? Is it capable of shooting nice photos?

Daily Mobile has come up with a few photos taken using the 5800.
Click on the individual photos to view the larger version(resized to 1024×768)

So what do you think?

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ArunKarthikNo Gravatar

November 18th, 2008

plenty good for a phone thats priced roughly around 400usd!! :P

smashpopNo Gravatar Reply:

@ArunKarthik, cant wait rite ? :P

tatotkNo Gravatar

November 19th, 2008

I like this! Nokia Tube is perfect!!

ArunKarthikNo Gravatar Reply:

@tatotk, lack of a physical d-pad is the only thing that worries me about the phone. even if they skipped the keypad no probs but there should have been atleast a directional joystick or something.. its all touch and only touch.. i hope that does NOT turn out to be a problem.

Other than that, PERFECT!
few more things i discovered,
-Apps can be closed by holding menu key, and holding onto the app icon which should be closed. A pop up menu comes up and close option is available!
-All Uiq3 touchscreen java games are 100% touch compatible with the nokia tube and any other future s60v5!!!!!!

Phone’s becoming a must buy!

tatotkNo Gravatar Reply:

@ArunKarthik, I have the little time a N82 and a Treo 650 has 3 years. E what more it is necessary me lack in the N82 is keyboard QWERTY and one touchscreen display. Whereas in Treo 650 it was a good camera with flash.
I believe that with Nokia 5800 finally I will have everything this in an only device. It will be?
ps: excuse my bad english :)

ArunKarthikNo Gravatar Reply:

@tatotk, yep its got everything we’d need! it surely will be the perfect device! :D

November 19th, 2008

Isn’t it like… Nokia 5800 XpressMusic?

tatotkNo Gravatar Reply:


Yes! Nokia Tube = Nokia 5800

SeaedgeNo Gravatar

November 21st, 2008

picture is better than the previous one you took. firmware problem i guess.

love those details on the tree… hope when it release.. it can do the same too…

smashpopNo Gravatar Reply:

@Seaedge, i think it performs better with close up mode

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