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Recently I found out something that I have missed all these while, something that I have always seen in my previous Symbian phones but didn’t bother to explore… hahaha… it’s theme effects.

Tools > Settings > General > Personalisation > Themes > General > Options > Theme Effects.

Basically it does nothing more than adding animations to your menus, icons and screen rotation (depending on the theme that you are using).

Speaking of themes… here’s my current favourite theme.

It’s called Nighty Purple by Cuff. I like the dark background, the light purple selection background for icons.

You can download it for free if you like. Just click here.

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October 11th, 2008

This is Nighty Purple by Cuff mate ;)

smashpopNo Gravatar Reply:

@dockside, oops.! ahhaa edited. Thanks mate.

GaIaxleNo Gravatar

October 11th, 2008

I on the theme effects on my N96


It lag like hell, takes >5sec to open menu, >3sec to open music player.
one word, LAGGY

I like the animations, hope Nokia will improve on it.

btw you use wat apps to take screenshots on S60 phones?

smashpopNo Gravatar Reply:

@GaIaxle, its called screenshots

ysNo Gravatar

October 12th, 2008

the horizontal Music player only for N96?

smashpopNo Gravatar Reply:

@ys, nope. it in those Nseries that can auto rotate..

hatibisuNo Gravatar Reply:

no theme effect on my n82

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