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Hi boys and girls, today we are going to learn about thickness.

See this image below.

Do you know which one is the thickest?

OK some of you guys might want to know how is the experience like watching videos on the N85…. before I give my opinion, let’s watch a very educational clip of a video being played on the N85.

Watching video on the N85 is great, with the AM OLED screen and the stereo speakers, I can really imagine me watching videos on the device in the future (if i happen to own one).

The speakers are very loud but the sound never breaks.. which is good. The screen response rate is very fast, resulting in very clear videos. Probably cos the video I played was encoded well… but nonetheless, its a great device to play videos…. hmm now where’s the kickstand when I need it the most.

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September 9th, 2008

N96 seems to be the thickest. XD

MarkNo Gravatar

September 9th, 2008

Wow N85 looks even thinner than expected! Compared to the N96, which looks really fat it looks very slim.

I have a N78 and that looks quite thin, seems the N85 isn’t much thicker. Looks like Nokia’s sliders are finally getting to a sexy thinness now. I still love my N95 8GB tho, even tho its fat but fits in the hand nicely.

smashpopNo Gravatar

September 10th, 2008

kenny: yup it is

mark: yes the n85 feels super good in our hands… ahha get the n96!

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