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FCC has just released the user manual for Nokia N97, the upcoming Nseries flagship which is to be out in June.

I’ve read through the manual and found some interesting elements.

First off, we can now set timed profiles, which means we can set it to a certain time within 24 hours and it will revert back to the previous profile after the set time.

From the manual we can also get to see the diagrams of how to slide out the full qwerty keyboard. Very simple instructions. hehe.

Here’s also something different from 5800. Users now have folders view in the photo gallery: captured. months, albums, tags, downloads and share online. Seems like the gallery menu has gone back to how it was in the N96 and other S60v3 devices.

Among all, I like this diagram the most. According to the manual, users have to rotate the device around all axes in a continuous movement in order to calibrate the built-in compass. Funny but fun.

Download the user manual in PDF format here.

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May 26th, 2009

I like the lock mechanism on the keyboard. :D

Tested it during the N97 preview last week and it was awesome, the only thing is that it’s at a fixed angle which might not be convenient for certain viewing, say if you’re too short, too tall or distance is too far or too near. :)

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