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I am kinda speechless when I see things like this. On one side, people who were trying the N900 carelessly uploaded photos to flickr and twitpic. On the other side, there are people who can actually find out these photos even though the photo exifs does not state N900.

Apparently Mark from TheNokiaBlog has used this Flickr search trick to find unreleased photo samples of pre-release Nokia phones on the net. This time around, he tried to search for N900 but did not find anything. All he found was photos taken by devices labeled “007 001″.

This photo was located in the N900 folder and the photo exif says that it was taken using a device labeled “007 001″

@chansearrington posted this photo on Twitpic with a caption “test”. He also explained that it was shot with an N900 but wasn’t the final hardware or firmware.

More photos.

Note that these photos are taken using early pre-production firmware. The photo quality may improve in months to come.

Source: The Nokia Blog

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