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Few days ago Nokia Malaysia held a preview session for the upcoming Nokia N8. SymbianpOp was there to check out the device.

Here are some videos and photos + some initial thoughts of the phone.
(This post focuses on Outlook, Homescreen, OviStore, Dial Screen & Photo Gallery. More will be covered in upcoming posts)

The session was conducted by Glen Cha, product manager for Nokia Malaysia. He demonstrated some of the key features of the N8 to us via the LCD, connected to the N8 using a HDMI cable (yes the Nokia N8 has HDMI output) + 5.1 Dolby Surround sound system.

Below is a video of his demo on music player, Ovi Maps, visual multitask and also a brief intro to some Web TV apps. N8 users will be able to watch TV clips on CNN, TV3, 8TV and more.

The Nokia N8 runs on Symbian^3, with improved interface. “There’s no more 1 tap or 2 tap… everything is single tap now”, says Glen.

On first contact, I noticed that the body was very solid, thanks to the 1-piece casing.
The AMOLED screen was very bright and colours were vibrant. The screen is 360*640 pixels aka nHD resolution.
The capacitive screen was very responsive. According to Glen, the screen is made out of ‘gorilla glass’… not sure how true but someone will definitely try smashing one in the future when it comes out. Haha.
The N8 has multiple homescreens. Up to 3. Somehow I feel that 3 homescreens is not enough. Hope Nokia will allow more soon.

I LOVE glossy screen and the one on the N8 is just what I was looking for. Superb glossy screen on high contrast, vibrant display. The dial screen has also been improved on Symbian^3. It looks more compact now and the placement of the keys are very easily accessible with 1 hand.
If you have phonebook entries, the names will appear as you type out numbers on the dial screen. Great way to save tapping phone numbers.

Click here to watch in HD.

Ok you can see how some of the features look and work on the Nokia N8 in the video above.
Watch it and if you have any comments and questions, please leave them at the COMMENTS area below.

Nokia N8 availability: October 2010
Price: TBA.

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September 6th, 2010

no bad the design~ great improvement there… will hav to test holding it myself first lolz…

September 6th, 2010

been wanting to hold this phone since the hand shuffle video. really ke gorilla glass? waa.. i love nokia but not the ovi store. so little apps. hope will be more in time should come

September 8th, 2010

No contest?

AlphaEdgeNo Gravatar

September 9th, 2010

Thanks for the preview. Looks awesome. Can’t wait to get this device (here in Canada that is). User interface is looking better all the time. Smooth for the most part also.

September 13th, 2010

[...] OK as you may have already known, a Nokia N8 preview session was held in Kuala Lumpur a week ago and I have posted Part 1 of the N8 first look with photos and videos. [...]

HYNo Gravatar

September 14th, 2010

May I know for text message writing. When click on the To button, does it has ‘recent use’ or favorite, etc. so that we don’t need to find the contact from the long contact list everytime we compose a new message.

I’m using Nokia X6, which I find the current way of searing contact for text message is not user-friendly.

Please advise.


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