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Wow! I cant believe this!

Nokia Music Store was just launched in Australia in February and 3 months later it was launched in Singapore!

Good news to all the Nseries music lovers in Singapore!… but when will we Malaysians get it? We just have to wait and see.

Now users can access the music store either via the PC or the Nokia Music Store portal in their Nokia N82, N95 8gb and N81…

…XpressMusic phones can also sync music with the PC too!… and for the other Nseries that do not have the Nokia Music Store icon, just simply browse to using your phone/pc browser.

Each track costs SGD$2.00 and full albums cost SGD$16.00. Payment can be made via vouchers, credit card and AXS Machines.

Look out for free tacks and albums giveaways! They do have this on the Music Store sometimes.. :D

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